Smoking and shoveling snow?

In between sacrifices to the dark gods and bathing in blood to gain the powers of my enemies I also enjoy having a pipe while out walking the dog or running the snowblower. I find that latakia blends are especially well suited to the cold. Fwiw, if I am doing anything that involves serious work I don't smoke anything whatsoever as it would just be in my way.


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Well, no snow here it’s very rare in fact Boxing Day 1962, was the last blast prior to that it was 1948.... of course when doing a task outside. I have a pipe, but that said I often go walking with a pipe.
When I'm doing something that requires a lot of exertion such as shoveling snow I get out of breath. I can't imaging trying to smoke a pipe when I'm out of breath. How do you guys do it?
I try not to exert myself beyond the reach of my lungs. If I do get short of breath, I put the pipe down- or take a smoke break.:byg: