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Smooth bore pipes

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While I am naturally a lurked, I just build up lots of questions...

I took out an estate plateau today that has a perfectly smooth bowl bore, like it was fine sanded as the outside. It remains discolored from the few bowls that I have put through it, but it does not appear to be building a cake - it is a beautiful pipe, not one that I am that familiar with (not that I am familiar with any) - but research indicated it was French, a Genod that has a lovely straight grain and very nice fit and finish...and I got it for a song. I don't see these come up at auction terribly often, but what isnthe low down on them, and does the smooth bore matter?




Some people polish the inside of the bowl, some sand to 220, some leave it tooled from the bit, and others will make it rougher than the bit leaves it. All in the name of "good cake" of course.

I think time will tell. Imho, quick cake is weak ass cake, and I'd far rather see a new pipe cake up real slow with hard smooth cake than some chunky garbage. But that's just me.

I don't know much about Genods, other than what a guy can read on Pipedia or in any largish pipe related book.


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Hi All,

I'd agree some pipes build cake faster than others - even pipes from the same maker. Classic advice is to build cake from the bottom of the bowl by smoking 1/3rd and 1/2 bowls for a bit til cake forms from the heel of the pipe. To my mind it's worth persisting with this tecnique as it does get the pipe off to a good start and helps promote a cool dry smoking pipe.

Smoking burleys in a new pipe can speed things up a little, but patience is still needed......then suddenly things can happen and trimming or reaming becomes the problem rather than cake building!

Good luck and enjoy that pipe!

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