Solani vs. Wessex

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I've smoked a couple of tins of Solani Aged Burley Flake now. I originally purchased it at the request of several PSFers, and have purchased some other Burley toby recently as well. One is Wessex Burley Slice, which I just opened today. The tin is exactly the same as the Solani ABF tin except for the sticker. Even the paper liner has the same artwork. I sniffed, and found a similar tangy smell to ABF.

I smoked a bowl of ABF yesterday, but it was the last flake, and was fairly dry. The Wessex BS is a fresh tin and fairly moist, so the flavor profile is a tad different, but it still reminded me of ABF when IT was new. Is there a difference? Are they made by the same tobacco company in Germany?

BTW, I did like the Wessex. It had a great, smooth flavor just like ABF. Now I'm curious.


I have smoked both and noticed the similarities as you did. That being said I prefer the Wessex. It smoked more consistantly for me.


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I've found them to be pretty similar but not the same. ABF has a tad sweeter, more "chocolatey" taste (in the sense of bakers unsweetened cocoa) and the Wessex has the more hay-like, natural taste... more like the old Edgeworth Slices.

The differences aren't enough to bother with too much, though. I've smoked a lot of both and I doubt that I could pick the two out in a blind test to the usual 95% confidence level.
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