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Sore mouth

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As I'm new to smoking a pipe I'm unaware of all the mistakes one might make. But I have just found this one! I do a fair bit of long distance driving to diferent sites for work and to keep from dozing off while driving I chew on sunflower seeds (This works great for keeping me alert for some reason). So the problem I now find myself with is that my tongue is raw from all the salt and shells I have chewed on, and smoking my pipe is not so enjoyable for the moment. The questions that now come to mind are what other foods or snacks might one consider avoiding so that ones pipe time is not hindered? Is there a bad combo of food and smoke that you have encountered that a newbie should be aware of?
I used to eat em like crazy. I found that the bbq flavored fritolay wouldn't leave my mouth as raw. unsalted just was not satisfying. lately been munching on wasabi peas. they dont seem to tear the mouth up like seeds. dang i want some seeds now.

Smokey Tom

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Anything especially spicy or even just strong in flavor can make a pipe not taste as good. Drink some water or other neutral flavor to cleanse your palette and see if that helps.
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