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So, I've been smoking a pipe for going on a year now. I have tried a few different tobaccos now and sometimes have difficulty remembering which ones I like or not. So, in order to not find myself buying tins of stuff I am not really all that fond of in the future, I am thinking of starting a pipe tobacco journal. Very simple, just a book in which to write down what I like and don't like about all the tobaccos I try.

Anyone else do this?
How much info do you put in there? I am thinking that I am going to put in: Tobacco, vendor, cost and then just my general take on it. Possibly a 5star rating or something.


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I've been wanting to do this, but I know myself well enough to know that I would not keep it up. I was thinking about using notecards for each blend so that they could be organized in different ways, and so that I could find all my notes on one blend in one spot, instead of spread throughout in a journal. A database or spreadsheet would be nice, but the extra hurdle of opening the program would make it even less likely for me to keep up (I'm much less nerdy than I pretend to be :)). Yea, I wish I had the follow thought to do...


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A journal sounds like a cool idea. I keep track on a spreadsheet with 1-10 scale and a line or two of notes with my impressions. If a blend scores an 8 or better, it gets put on the TAD list for bulk purchase (another spreadsheet).


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How about a good old fashioned receipe card file system as a jounral? They come with little aphabetical spacers, and you can get a lot on those note cards. It would allow you to easily write down notes, easily retrieve and update those notes, and then track your impression of a blend over the years.

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A spreadsheet will never be as effective as notes dashed off the cuff. The handwriting will convey something, and you can't deliberate when you write by hand. You just do it, no changes. There is still a palimpsest when pencil is erased.

I always wish I could keep a journal, not just of tobaccos, but of everything.

It's a good idea, but I know me. It will be a bunch of notes scribbled on the back of junk-mail envelopes headed for the recycling bin.

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I started a log after I'd been smoking for a few months and began experimenting with all kinds of samples. It was a matter of keeping it all straight. Over time, this log turned into a huge benefit in helping discern what kinds of tobacco I enjoyed.

- Andrew
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