Stonehaven taste question

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I'm a newbie with this tobacco, but it smells like something other than the VAbur that it is purported to be. I'm talking just the smell of the tobacco prior to smoking. It almost smells like it has a serious licorice or something like it casing/topping. it smells great, but is this pure tobacco?

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Never tried Stonehaven because we can't get it in the UK. However, Germaine's Rich Dark Flake, which is common in the UK and I'm told is "pretty much the same thing, hint, hint" is given a casing or light top dressing with treacle or molasses I believe.

Having had RDF and commenting here under the assumption that Stonehaven is a rebadge if it as I've heard, it seems to have a mild whisky/brandy flavour. According to RDF is uncased while Stonehaven is cased - it might account for some of the difference between the two.


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I seem to recall that a couple of years ago someone made a phone call to Germain's to ask about the topping on Stonehaven. There were rumors that it was topped with Krug Champagne or angel sweat or the tears of a clown or maybe the sweet groundwater that runs beneath Stonehenge.

Hogwash was the response. It's topped with a little treacle. Molasses for those in the colonies.

Stonehaven smells and tastes great, I just wish my body would allow me to smoke it.
Something about it just doesn't sit too well with me. Hopefully aging it will help.

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