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Straus Tobacconist Rookwood


A couple years ago I was in Cincinnati for a meeting & made a point to stop at Straus Tobacconist's downtown store. Picked up a few ounces of Rookwood, apparently one of their best selling tobaccos, plus one of their pipes. This past week I finally finished the last of the jar & thought I'd give them a shout-out since I rarely see any of their blends mentioned.

Rookwood is an aromatic with a cavendish & Virginia base plus a vanilla/maple/sugar topping. I'm always amazed when I read that people don't like aromatic pipe tobaccos because "they don't taste like tobacco". Rookwood is significantly topped/cased & is really really sweet but the base tobaccos are of high quality & come through for me. After all, a deliciously seasoned chicken dinner still tastes like chicken...

I like a blend that you can just put in your pipe, spark it up, and puff away without having to fight to keep it lit or constantly pay attention to the burn. Rookwood burns beautifully & produces dense clouds of smoke. Didn't goop up my pipes & left a pleasant but unobtrusive "ghost". One of the first things that got me started smoking a pipe was when my grandfather smoked a pipe I thought it smelled amazing. I've come to really appreciate a great room note & Rookwood has that in spades. My favorite place to puff on a pipe is in my garage, & I'll walk outside then back into the garage just to appreciate the room note.

While it may not replace my favorite Virginia, VaPer, or Burley blends, Rookwood is as fine an aromatic pipe tobacco as I've ever tried. Tastes great, smells great, definitely satisfied my sweet tooth, & smoked like a dream. I'd recommend it without hesitation to those pipers lucky enough to appreciate a high quality aromatic.
I'm local and have yet to stop in.. I'm planning a trip down there with a buddy soon and will make sure to give that a try. I'm not really an aromatic guy, or maybe I haven't found one I like. 1-Q and Autumn Evening were just OK for me, and Molto Dolce was not my thing at all. I try to rank 1-5 (Low - High) and 1-Q and AE got 3's as a change of pace blend and MD as a 1, give it away. Is this similar to AE?

Thanks for the review.


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I've been to both locations. Will say this comparing the Cincy store to the Florence KY store, wanted to try Sleepy Hollow Cincy said only available in October, pre ordered a pound and put on their list. Florence store represented at the C-Bus show, picked up eight ounces. Loved it! Went to Florence store, they have it in stock year round, picked up a pound. Never got a call from Cincy for my pre order.:msty:

I travel a little further and Florence is my Strauss destination, besides they much, much cater more towards the pipe. I'll have to give Rookwood a try:bing:


@hawk45 - While Rookwood apparently has some maple flavoring I don't get much maple from it, at least not like Autumn Evening (which I also like). It' s mainly incredibly sweet with vanilla overtones. If you're not big on aromatics it might not be for you but it still also may be worth a try.

@Serenity - I too have been looking to try Sleepy Hollow but seem to forget about it as Halloween approaches. Now that you found it available at their Florence location year-round I may have to give them a call. I am also interested in Seven Hills, but when I visited the downtown store they told me it was only available at the Florence location so that gives me another reason to call.

There are so few old-time B&M tobacconists left that I really like to recognize those still in business & give them a plug. Places like Straus Tobacconists, Uhles, Milan Tobacconist, Boswell, & Iwan Ries (plus there are many more that I'm forgetting) definitely deserve our support.
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