Strong Latakia?

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Is there a latakia blend out there with a strong nic hit:beck:? Most the ones on TR are rated medium to strong. I want strong to very strong, anybody have any ideas?


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I have smoked 100% latakia but latakia itself is not very strong (except the muddy smoke -taste). Use perique to give kick. Best mixture to me is 60% latakia, 20% virginia, 10% perique and rest... Black Cavendish and/or Oriental. Increasing the amount of perique you can make its stronger.

Actually there is one favour to me already: Paul Olsen My Own Blend Haddock.

Ten Russians sounds good. Have to try it.
Ten Russians and Stimulus Package (both under the Capt. Earles line) bring both the latakia and the nicotine in a big way (and make it into my regular rotation). Dunhill Nightcap isn't bad either, a nice latakia hit with the healthy dose of perique to sooth the soul.
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