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Interesting...I never knew what kind of shirts, movies and sports I like had any connection on what blends I liked.
I thought that too...but CD Blend is right up my alley. Now, if it had spit out some aro, I would have doubted the validity of the test...
My buddy directed me to that site when they first put it up. I liked the tobacco chooser as well. Neat stuff.

I have to get my hands on some CD Blend. Mr Mayor spoke pretty highly of the stuff.


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I've tried a number of the Sutliff tobaccos and found many of them to be moist out of the can. I just loaded up and smoked them. For me they lit easily and burned great with no relights. I don't quite remember Molte Dolce off hand, but the only blend I had any trouble with was Man's Best Friend. I'm with Ruff and don't dry tobacco unless it's FireDance.:D


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Definitely a neat test.
I ended up with Kentucky Planter, a Burley blend. Very interesting, as I do love Burleys.
Keep in mind that the Sutliff blends may say .. " a Burley blend " .. but they're meaning burley Cavendish , not Wessex Burley . The ones that aren't Cavendish based so much are the Match blends , which are as good as it gets . I love the CD blend better than any version I've had of Country Doctor . Their R blend is better than the last Revelation that was out .

I don't know what the fuss with Molto Dolce is .. it's a fine blend but I didn't find it so much better than any of their other aros , many of which are very good .I'm almost out of ST. George , which was my favorite aro they make . South Seas was one of the better ones as well . Taste of Summer was a Fantastic Peach tasting aro [ best peach flavor yet ] but it had no nicotine that I could tell .. same with Great Outdoors , it was a good flavor but no nicotine

So Altadis is out of pipe tobacco totally now? Will their match blends be Sutliff?...

It seems that way . I think the Sutliff line was sold as their entire Pipe Tobacco dept . I'm not really sure , just guessin


I've looked over the site and my beloved Count Pulaski blend is nowhere to be found. If it was removed from the extensive tobacco lineup in favor of yet another new aromatic I'll be livid. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy aros but how many rum-based blends does one need?
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