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So I caved and finally took the test. It came out with Molto Dulce. I think it's been almost 5 bowls since I haven't smoked anything but Molto Dulce. So, I would say that test is spot on!


I took the test and listed hate latakia. My suggested tobacco was R-Blend. "This unique blend astounds with its dominant yet still subtle fruity notes. The base is an equally complex mixture of Burley, Virginia, Latakia, Perique, and Flake". Go figure.
I've looked over the site and my beloved Count Pulaski blend is nowhere to be found. If it was removed from the extensive tobacco lineup in favor of yet another new aromatic I'll be livid. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy aros but how many rum-based blends does one need?
They still sell it at PipesandCigars and CupOJoes....

Also, my buddy told me that Sutliff is all the pipe tobacco bulk and private stock label. Apparently Altadis is just focusing on cigars.


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I think it was just the Sutliff brand they bought. So, that should leave all the Altadis bulk blends that they still have.
Mac Barens web site claims they bought Altadis. I think they got the whole pipe tobacco operation but I'm not sure who owns Altadis' cigarette & cigar business.
At one time, Altadis and Sutliff were two separate companies. Altadis bought Sutliff. Since then, recently Sutliff broke off from them and became its own company again. Even more recent than that, they were bought by MacBaren. Weird stuff, but it means good things for all involved.


These guys gave out probably 5,000 tins at Chicago, I kid you not. They were omnipresent and free for the taking, sitting at dinner settings, sitting in the smoking tent, laying around on tables. It was a stroke of genius, I thought, to get everyone a quick taste of a whole array of stuff and basically pocket/cellar whatever they enjoyed the most. It was really fun.

I enjoyed the light English, can't remember what it's called, Fox Hunter or something.... and some of the aromatics were intoxicating. The "Noir" was pretty nice.
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