Decided to try SWR so I bought a pouch. Driest tobacco I've ever seen - Except for a tin of Early Morning I opened and lost for a couple of years. It's kind of like granola or ground up mdf. I've hydrated it some and think I might like it if I could find a fresh pouch.


It never fails to amaze me how good this stuff is. I've been on a tour of several very different tobaccos, from English blends to aromatics. I hadn't had any SWR in a while because I'd grown 'bored' with its mildness. But after lighting it up in a cob last night, I was once again amazed by how good and comforting it tastes. Like a nice cup of red bush tea!
Based on the recommendations of so many people on this and other forums, I decided to give this tobacco a try. I'm certainly glad I did, and would recommend SWR to anyone.

I picked up a pouch of SWR last night, and it was it's usual bone-dry self. The looks and feel of this tobacco are very deceiving I think. When trying it for the first time no doubt many people think they got a bad batch. I haven't tried the cans, but the extremely dry granola that comes in the pouch is a great tasting smoke.
I love that distinct nutty flavor that fully develops less than half way through the bowl. Almost walnut like in flavor.


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I just bought a pouch the other day. It's the first pouch that I noticed has the manufacturer listed on it (Made in USA by Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane Ltd. Tucker, GA 30084). It's got the same flavor that I like, and it still smokes as well, but it seems that it's a bit moister than usual.


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SWR mixes very well with C&D cube cut burley. They are both about the same consistency, and the cube cut kicks the mix up a notch, IMO.


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I just bought a pouch this past Thursday (my first in 20+ years) and it was nice and moist. In fact it was compressed into almost a cake. It was marked like RTO's package.
Yeah I just got one of the new pouches as well (manufacturer listed), and it was very moist. I was worried that perhaps they've tinkered with the recipe but I smoked it fresh and it tastes the same, thank heavens.
Still though this is way too moist for me personally (I love dry tobacco), so I left it to dry over night. A lot better this morning, though I'll let it dry out some more before jarring it.
Your post inspired me to pick up another pouch of SWR. I ended up with one of the unlisted manufacturer pouches, but my conclusion is the same. I don't know if it's because I smoke a lot of PA, or if my tongue is just that much different from everyone else's, but I get a lot of sweetness out of SWR that I don't get out of PA. I still maintain that it's almost a fruit like sweetness, and becomes cloying 1/2 way through a bowl.


The only SWR I've smoked is from a batch of Brown and Williamson pouches I picked up a few years ago on clearance. It's my favorite OTC but I'm worried now that my initial batch is coming to an end that the newer stuff might taste different.
Robin- You just might like it :)

DMWyatt- Yeah I agree that SWR has a certain sweetness to it. To me its kinda like honey-roasted peanuts at first, but turns nuttier towards mid-bowl.

Mugwump- To me the new batch is identical in taste to the older. Definitely moister though.

I really love SWR. It has actually moved past Carter Hall on my OTC Burley rankings :)