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FYI Taste - It's All In The Snork


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I've tried exhaling the tobacco out of my nose (I think with FVF), but it just makes my eyes all watery and wasn't a pleasant sensation. I tried it with 1792 and it was like a Mac truck driving through my face. Anyone else not able to snork?

I try to catch whiffs of the tobacco as it escapes my pipe and my mouth. That's where I find most the flavor.
Sometimes that happens to me and I try drawing just a little bit of smoke and snorking it. That way it's not hot, and there's not so much smoke that you BBQ your nasal cavity. More often than not, it turns out to be a pretty pleasant experience.
Snorking - directing smoke to the back of your mouth and, with a little tongue action and a gentle exhale through the nostrils, forcing it out your nose. There is no swallowing, gagging, gasping or lung-inhaling going on here. This is not a french inhale (drifitng smoke out your mouth and taking it into your lungs via the nostrils).

A snork pushes smoke from your mouth through the sinuses and out your nose. The snork is where the flavor is. No snork, no glory. People may call it nose smoking, retrohaling and all kind of things. Call it what you want but, if you aren't doing it now and then, then you've missed 90% of the taste and sensation.
I wasn't aware that anyone did anything other than what you describe..... this is what I've always done and I do it nearly every puff. What do people do? Exhale it out their mouth? That's a waste. Whats the point in that? No taste doing that, as you say.

The whole secret is doing it with just the right amount of smoke in your mouth, and doing it at the right speed. You have too much smoke in yourmouth and/or snork too fast and you burn your nose all too hell. I just sip it and slowly move it out my nostrils. Sometimes I'll get a bigger puff and and start to move it out my nose and then right in the mddle just stop and let it burn my nose a little. I enjoy the subtle burn now and then.
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As a newbie I did it inadvertently a few times, not realizing that's the way to get the most taste from the tobacco. After reading this thread I key in on much more. Great tip.