Thank you all for making this a great forum

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David Emond

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone here for making this forum a great place to hang out. I also noticed lots of new people that joined so i also wanted to welcome all the new pipe smokers.

This place is by far one of the best forums on all the net. No fights no arguments everyone is respectfull.

Again thank you each and everyone of you all.


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Go soak your head, you backwards ogre!!

I mean.....I don't know where that came from. What I meant by that was I couldn't agree more! I really like this place. I've been a member of one internet forum or another since I was fourteen or so (of course, I think back then they were "bulletin boards") pretty far this is the most relaxed and enjoyable. Good folks, lots of generosity and engaging conversation!
I'm just waiting for Berg to bust in and trample on the merriment, I'll use some smiley face happy emotions as bait. :):D:byg:

But yes, cracking forum and great bunch of pipe smokers.
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