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That little aluminum tube in Peterson Premier system pipe bits

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(I'm putting this here since pipe makers should know better than anyone.)

The difference in a standard Peterson system bit and the Premier (silver band, supposedly nicer burl) system pipe bit is a short aluminum tube that screws into the stem end of the Premier bit. (I hope I have the terminology right.) The standard bit has a similar-length extension, but of larger hole size and is formed as part of the bit, out of vulcanite.

I noticed that my Premiers gurgle regularly, and it's moisture in the bit. Eventually I tired of this, and experimented. When I replace the bit with a standard system bit, and also when I simply unscrew the aluminum tube and smoke without it, the gurgling disappears.

I think it's because the smaller-diameter hole means the moisture accumulates at the top of the tube, and can't run down out of the bit.

I'm thinking of just replacing the bits with standard system bits. The one I have on hand seems to fit fine (all are for medium size pipes - the bits come in 3 sizes.)

Any comments on this? Why is the thing there to start with?

Note: there is a similar, longer aluminum tube in my Peterson system standard 31, the only straight Peterson system pipe.


I've heard of guys removing the metal stinger entirely because they do tend to create gurgles. There appears to be no harm in doing so. Funny enough, I have them on two Deluxes & gurgling isn't a problem.


They stinger thingy is, I guess, supposed to be an upgrade over the regular System idea done in vulcanite. But they do seem to be a little small or something, and when you take them out and the pipe smokes better, it's hard not to be confused. Thanks for the "upgrade" Peterson. But next time forget it!
By the sounds of it, I've had something similar with other pipes, like a metal filter that fits into the stem and shank, I just take it out, has been a complete pain in the rect-hole to get a decent draw with it in. Never had any problems after taking it out. If I'm talking about something completely different, please feel free to ignore me.
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