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The 2014 POY Waiting Room...


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It is still in the deciding stage. Keep watching the new topics. The price poll ends tomorrow. Then there will be polls for shape and maker.


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If it is not too late I would very much like to participate as well
You're not only not too late, you're almost right at the beginning. We won't actually be taking orders for (probably) quite a while yet. Next up will be a poll on what pipe shape we'd like to have. Somewhere along the line, there will be some actual offers from pipemakers (thank you, Spill and Marker, for handling all that stuff for us!) that we'll get to vote on. After that will come the order taking and getting the money together. Up 'til then, you're welcome to contribute opinions, suggestions, preferences, ideas, concerns & so forth - but do that in THIS thread. The poll threads need to be kept free of chatter or we'll overwhelm Spill & Marker, who have already got their hands full with this thing. Did I make sure to say thanks to Spillproof and Marker?