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The Author

I'm currently intrigued by the Author shaped pipe. I give Savinelli credit for still producing Author shaped pipes. They seem to be one of the only to still be readily producing the shape. I see other makers producing the shape from time to time, but not often. Does anyone know if any other brand or maker readily produces the Author besides Savinelli? I'd also love to see any photos of Author shaped pipes from those of you out there that are proud owners of one. It's a great shape.


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I like the shape too. The only one have I have the basket pipe in my avatar. Mine doesn't smoke well, sadly. The shape is best thing about it. I'd like a better version of one though too.

The 320 sold out quickly so I consider us lucky to get one.
Makes sense. It's an insanely beautiful juxtaposition with the rusticated finish against the double silver embellished band. The lines of the pipe seem more pronounced when you factor in the these qualities with the pipe's overall form characteristics. Thanks for sharing the photo!


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I have an author made by Monarch that I bought 40 years ago. It's one of my fav pipes. If I can remember, I'll take a pic of it tonight. Monarch made pipes for Carey and sold a few under their own name. They are still in business in Bristow OK but they mainly do repair now.