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The famous $10 yard sale pipes

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Alright you vultures, here's the long awaited picture of the famous $10 find I scored this past weekend. My sincerest apologies for taking so long to get a pic and making you all wait, I know how impatient you are LOL (and how much you love pictures).

So without further ado:

From left to right:

BST Rhodesian/Bulldog (unsmoked)
Boswell Freehand? Sitter (barely smoked, like sub 5-10 bowls would be my guess)
Savinelli Oscar Lucite (no cake so either reamed back to briar or not smoked much)
No name Bulldog (heavily smoked but smells sweet as pie, looks like a great smoker)
Savinelli Tervere (unsmoked)
MM Country Gent (barely smoked)
MM General (unsmoked)
MM Washington

My brother came by yesterday and I was telling him about my score (he's a none smoker of any kind) and seeing all those pipes piqued his interest so I gave him a couple of unsmoked cobs from the lot, I believe if memory serves they were a Diplomat and another Country Gent.




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One question...did you have the foresight to buy a lottery ticket after leaving the yard sale?

Tell ya what, I'll give ya $20.00 for the squatch right now.
Think about it. You make 100% ROI, and keep the other 6 pipes for yourself. :ohyh:

Come on man! That's a GREAT deal! Where else you gonna get that kind return in this economy? :poke:

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I'm thinking the husband must be buried on the property somewhere.
I dunno. She sounded really, really p.o.'d and I've heard that bumping someone off and burying them can relieve a lot of frustrations. :xd: I'm sticking with the image that he is on a beach somewhere with a blonde about half his age. :thu2:

Oh, and TMG, congratulations again on the find. I'm thinking that is a once in a generation event. Enjoy.
Thank you all, yes it was quite a lucky find and no I didn't by a lottery ticket afterwards LOL perhaps I should though.

Look for my upcoming "I just won $350mil on the powerball" post. If I did, all of you fine folks would be getting at least a BST from me (sorry Todd, I'll tip you real good though) :xd:
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