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The humble Yello Bole.

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Old Ted

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Having a little change from my meers, I dug out this Yello Bole 'Canadian' - I've shown it before, but am still surprised at how good this pipe smokes!, heck! - aren't they a cheapo version of some higher grade line? (can't remember which!). This one cost me £4 at auction! and smokes like a champ - although it has no right to!.....any one else admitting to a liking for these pipes?
I have 2 of them from Ebay that were advertised as being new unsmoked from 1960s store stock. They had a price tag of $2.95 still on the stem. I really like them! They smoke very well. Gotta say, for the money, you can't beat a Grabow or a Yello Bole
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