The PAD-man was just here

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My local PAD-man (aka Mail-man) was just here and left me these. First Boswell's order ever - trying out a few to see what to order more of.

Hahaha. I expect detailed descriptions of each smoke! :idiot:
Just tried the Berry Cobbler. The bag note is like Crunch Berry cereal, but more natural. All of these (except the Northwoods - bit different), smell like dessert in the bag.

The Berry Cobbler was very good. Can definitely taste the casing, in a good way. The tobacco taste subtly comes through as well and is sweet. Overall, I find the blend mild, but tasty. Cool smoking. I probably should have let it dry a bit, it was a bit of a humid smoke, but never steamy or burning.
oh god I love it!
Christmas Cookie and Berry Cobler is awesome.. I dont like Fruity type all..but that berry cobler was great.
I do want to try Northwoods, now that Im getting into more english blends.. let us know!
I tried the Northwoods last night alongside a scotch, Old Smuggler. At $17/half-gallon, it's a great cheap blended scotch that I keep around as an "everyday drinker."

I gravity-filled the bowl on my Aldo Velani bent apple. It lit pretty quickly and evenly, and although I probably could have let it dry out a bit more, it burned dry, well, and cool. From the charring light through the initial couple of minutes with the bowl, I experienced a salty-sweet with a hint of sour taste. This was a good thing. It was similar to a salted-caramel and was very present on the center and tip of my tongue. After that, I noticed some greek-olive-like flavors, as if the salty-sweet had matured a bit. The second half of the bowl was less about those obvious flavors and more about the tobacco tones with a hint of evergreen here and there. I can be guilty of fast-puffing from time to time, and I believe I was a bit over-zealous towards the end of the bowl where it lost a bit of its luster for me and it became a bit typical. I also was fighting off squirrels from my patio, and let the bowl go out a couple of times towards the end, thus requiring relighting. Nobody steals MY acorns!

All said and done, I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to another go with it. 3 out of 4 stars so far.
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