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The Rotation

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Since returning to pipe smoking after a long layoff, I've got some pipes again! Starting with three from yesteryear, I've finally got enough to rotate around a little!

First, I might talk a good game, but I grab the pipe I feel like smoking first, THEN decide what I'm going to smoke in it. As much as it might aggrieve the cognoscenti, I don't dedicate any pipes to any kind of tobacco; nothing horrible has happened yet.

From top to bottom on the left:

Sasieni FourDot Mooregate, pre-Transition
Sasieni TwoDot
Sasieni Mayfair (from yesteryear)
Bari Dana (from yesteryear)

Top to bottom on the right:

Savinelli 120 Anni
Peterson's Flame Grain (from yesteryear)
Szabo (weird little thing, but it smokes pretty good!)


All of them have my new-found clencher training wheels heat shrink tubing on the stem!

And the book is my ANCIENT copy of The Pipe, by Georges Herment, bought in Mincer's Pipe Shop in 1961.


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That's a very nice lineup, freestoke! I really like the added "clencher training wheels". I use softee rubber bits, but they sure don't improve a pipe's looks any!


Some rim charring is to be expected.
Wow, that's a pretty darned nice rotation you got yourself there. (If you ever feel like you have too many Sasienis, do give me a buzz...I'm Sasieni deficient ATM. :eek:hyeah:)

Also, that tubing looks much better/more comfortable than them rubber monstrosities I occasionally use. Me likey.


Thanks, Bri2K and yinyang!

The heat shrink tubing is really the nines! Used it tonight on the same pipe I shot darts with two nights ago, but this time with the "coating". What a difference! It gives me purchase and I don't worry about it slipping. Not sure how much protection there is for the stem, but some for sure. Another layer wouldn't matter much, probably, so I think I may do that with the Bari Dana to see how it goes. The stuff seems to dent pretty easy and that's sort of the end of it. Whether it's any protection or not almost doesn't matter, it gives me a grip!

I think my next purchase of this stuff will be by the roll, not those little envelopes from the hardware store. Even those are cheap per pipe, though. I did all these with 2 strips and did the Mayfair twice because I wanted to see what it was like if I didn't cover all the way to the end. I'm covering to the end from now on.

Thanks again!

Jim "Clencher in Training"
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