The T.A.D. Killing Bender

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Has there been a time when you came across a Blend that you found yourself only wanting to smoke that one blend over and over, essentially putting a halt to (for a short or long period of time) your desire to acquire or smoke anything else?

I am deep in the throws of such a time. I have several excellent blends in my cellar that I love, but they have just sat for a couple months now as I pound bowl after bowl of Macbaren HH Acadian Perique.

When I think of loading a different blend, I think "why? I know what I want to smoke." Its a great feeling, kind of like when you come across a new album and you cant stop listening to it over and over.

Have you had a blend bender like this? What was the blend? How long?


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Marlboro Blend 27's. :)

Pipe tobacco? Not yet. I don't know if it's a good, bad, or indifferent thing. Still, kinda envy you.


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Years ago, I smoked nothing but McClellands Navy Cavendish for a year or so but no bouts of this kind of thing recently.


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When I first tried GAF I really had no desire to smoke anything else for at least a week. When I think about it again, I kinda want a bowl right now.


Yes..... I have some nice penzance cellared, and a significant variety of others as well. I took a tour of the OTC's and now I constantly reach for SWRA or Carter Hall. I have had no desire for a bowl of anything else. Every time I think of rubbing something out, or letting it dry for a half hour, I just grab a bowl from the big tin and enjoy the hell out of it. I never expected this to happen, but, I am actually really glad it did. Of course my tastes will change and I will go back, but as for cellared stuff will get some real age on them! I suppose that is a good thing.


Club Blend. Also a surprise - I wasn't too thrilled with it when I first tried it. Then I just got to a point where anything else I smoked wasn't Club Blend, it was really weird. Kept thinking half way through a bowl "Huh, I wish I'da loaded Club this time." So then I started doing it, and haven't really got off that bus. I intersperse other stuff, English, Va/Pers, some aros, but those tins never seem to get empty, and the Club tins are never full.


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When I smoked my first bowl of Hamborger Veermaster a couple of years ago, I became enamored. I had purchased two tins and blew threw them in two months, even at one bowl per day. I bought 8 tins and paced myself after that. I now have a little over 1.5 lbs, but still try to pace myself with the HV.

People post about that "one blend" if you could have only one. I don't know about that, but I could definitely have 75 lbs of 3 blends and still be happy. HV, Stonehaven and either Skiff Mixture or HH Vintage Syrian would do for me.


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I smoked a 5 lb bag of MB Scottish blend w/ out smoking much else during that time . I smoked Three Nuns for a some years as well as Edgeworth for some years . I've been smoking MB GE and MCB for a good while now too . I would smoke other stuff here and there but those are the blends that I " focused " on for periods of time over 3o years . I dont think I ever had more than 3 blends open at any given time at home , in the past . However , I've probably got 60 blends jarred at the moment [ crazy ] . It's been fun to play and experiment with blends in the last couple of years , but it's not something I always want to do . I went through this same phase of going nuts tring new stuff 25 years ago and about 15 years ago . It dosent last for to long . I can see going back to my old ways of smoking a blend or two , mainly, and having something different once in a while . Actually , I look forward to it cause all this variety in the cabinet .. is a bit much . Often times , I just wanna smoke a straight Burley type blend .
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