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There have to be another way

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Hi there you guys,

I have read several times and I have done it several times that the best way to clean the ring of your pipe is rubbing it with a Q-tips and saliva....Please tell me that there is another way. I have done it but I have some issues. First it is embarrassing :( when people is around me so I have to hide my face when doing it:haha:. Second I am kind of delicate (girly delicate:( ) with my mouth, so I have to confess that sometimes I gag:laff:. And third it is disgusting. Please, there have to be another way. Any ideas?


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I use red wine and a q-tip, beer might be good to... the alcohol does seem to help, but wine does not have so much that it kills the finish (on my pipes). Be careful, different pipes have different finishes, I don't want to see you mess up your rim.
.....is it worth getting banned for saying what I'm thinking?
Don't do it. Even without saying it you made me laugh.

My advice on the rim cleaning is "get over it" it's just spit and your spit at that. I know that probably sounds more mean than I mean for it to but I can't think of any other way to say it. So just know I meant no offense with it.


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Okay...in that case, I tend to find pretty good results with just slightly wetting a napkin with some saliva and wiping down the rim of the bowl.....sometimes I do this several times (always with a clean part of a napkin/paper towel/whatever) until it comes clean enough for my liking. But mostly I just spend my time not worrying about it.

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I do the following:
on new pipes right from the very beginning--NEVER have tobby right to the top of the brim of the bowl.
Use matches, or a soft flame so as not to scorch the top of the bowl.
ALWAYS as you smoke----the VERY minute you see that mess at the top of the pipe--EVEN--just a little--wet your finger in your mouth, and wipe it off.
On pipes that are platuae tops---I make sure to keep a wax coating BEFORE I begin my smoking---other wise----well they get messy, and hard to clean. I tend to never have tobby packed in the pipe close to the top, but as I smoke I may take my wet finger, and go around it.
On my cheap work pipes, well I let it rip, and smoke like no tomorrow---they get kinda ugly after a while---cobs for work----they end up trashed after a while.


Had a few get black, I wet rim gave it a few then paper towel over bowl pushing fat part of thumb in bowl rim while spinning bowl. repeat.Cleaned up real nice. rub on little wax if needed

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Alfredo, if you are getting the taste of the gunk on the rim of your pipe in your mouth you are doing something wrong. If the gunk is really bothering you when you are out and about, just take a paper napkin, moisten it with a little water and wipe off the rim.


Despite the fact that yesterday was April Fool's Day, at least in the USA, (don't know about cyberspace), I think this advice is spot-on.

Confusing the issue, of course, is the oil pulling thread going on in the other room that proposes a slightly different use for olive oil. Although I guess it does eventually become spit, so perhaps a fortified version is available. Pledge is sounding better and better.


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I use Pledge furniture polish. The new formula removes carbon great. I'm just careful not to get it in the bowl. I usually spray a small amount on a rag and go from there.
Pledge is a new one to me! Have to try it out! Cheers for that!:toast:
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