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these are three of my latest (not for sale)

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These were commissions so I am just sharing them with you:

This pipe was loosely inspired by Gandalf, I want to play with this finish more. You can see more of the grain in real life.

This was for a friend of mine that has a quirky retro style that could be considered "dandy" I figured a traditional shape, with a bit of a twist was perfect for him.

could not get great pictures last night. But here she is



Those are all beautiful, but the last one is extraordinary! It's calling to me...I think we were separated at birth or something. Yeeeeeeaaah, you better go ahead and send it to me! K, thx. :beck:
If I used my old wedding band on a pipe..... it would be cursed.:eek:

I like the first pipe, it looks like bone, very cool.
I think I am going to have to add a celtic band to a few of my pipes, it really is a good look.


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That second pipe (Billiard) rings the bell for me. Aesthetic appeal. Yeah, wow! I love it. That's a pipe I'd like to own fer sure.


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My next pipe is going to have a celtic band. It seems like I have seen a few lately and I really like the look.
Fantastic work on all Rev!
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