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Thought i'd...

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...tap into the PSF fount of knowledge. Most of my pipe smoking over the years has been confined to a couple, three beaters. They work well enough since I smoke sporadically and by the "seat of my pants". However there are two that were gifts that I've had for years and for some reason I always ended up looking at them and not smoking them. Guess I thought they were too "perty" The top one is stamped "Lorenzo La Moda" and has be previously smoked. The Kaywoodie looks clean, almost new but it has been lightly used. I am familiar with the Kaywoodie name not the wire decoration. So should I stop looking at them and smoke 'em? Any enlightenment on these two would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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Welcome! Smoke them bad boys! That is a very cool Freehand! I Have never seen a Kaywoodie like that. The trim may well be silver. Smoke them my friend, Beale.


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If you don't want to smoke em, send them my way.... I'll give them a try ;)
Those are some nice pipes and like Beale said, I've never seen a Kaywoodie with the silver on it.
Actually I understand how you feel, I've got one that I am waiting on a specific occasion to smoke.


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Lorenzo is an old mid-grade Italian marque (mid-grade is in reference to pricing, not quality) - been around for decades. Should be a good smoker.

But you'll never know until you fire it up! ;)


Does that bottom pipe have any stamping on the wood under the silver work? I've never seen or heard of a Kaywoodie like that. What does it look like if you take the stem out?


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Ima thinking that Charatan made the english kws. Don't smoke it yet.
If it is a KW, it'll fetch you some decent money.


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The English Kaywoodies were kinda weak in the quality dept. , However , if it's a woodie .. it's very unique and will be worth some money to a Kaywoodie collector . I've never seen that pipe before ... not at pipe shows or anywhere . Very unique


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Tough call for me..... The collector in me would say "save it" The realist in me says, "Save it for what? So someone can look at it some day and ask if the guy who owned it liked it or enjoyed it"?
If you are looking at it as a potential investment, by all means, dont smoke it, get it appraised and reap the rewards. If you like it, are going to keep it, then SMOKE AWAY!!!!!
Just my humble opinion


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What MakDragon said. That KW has some possible value as a "collector piece", but only if you're a "collector". As a smoker, it really needs to be smoked....that's what it was made for, after all. Just take some care when lighting and emptying....lovely silver work! You don't want to ding it up.
First of all, thanks everyone for all the info and opinions. I'll probably split the difference, smoke the Lorenzo and keep looking at the other one for a while.
Secondly, @Sasquatch, here's a picture of the underside and the stem:

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