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Thoughts on more spendy Petersons?

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I've only ever smoked Peterson's lower end pipes and they smoked well, but never really blew me away. Recently however they've been catching my eye. I want a high quality pipe that won't take two hours to finish like my Radice, but spending $200+ on a Peterson is hard for me to swallow whereas not a problem for the aforementioned Radice. So does Peterson step up their game for the big spenders?

I like the Peterson aesthetic, but would be open to suggestions for other quality pipes with smaller chambers as well.


I really think Peterson's upper-end pipes are a lot better, in quantifiable ways. Without this becoming a "you just think your pipe is better because it cost $300.00 instead of $30.00" sort of debate, what you get out of Peterson on their higher end pipes is far better stems, both in material quality and how they are cut (comfort), better briar (better looking or better performing? I would argue both in some cases.), and better fit and finish. Fit and finish don't necessarily make a pipe smoke better, but if you look at the tenon of a "cheap" Peterson System and the tenon of a DeLuxe, for example, they aren't the same.

So for a whole wack of little reasons, I will submit the opinion that Peterson's high-end pipes are much better all-around than their low end pipes, and generally speaking, are still pretty good value if you stack them against other manufacturers. Is it a "world of difference"? Maybe not, but it's definitely significant, especially if you are used to the types of things that more expensive pipes offer.

I bought a really expensive Peterson, and then bought a few less expensive ones thinking "Wow, this pipe is great, I'll get a few more like it for 200 bucks less." I was wrong. They didn't compare. They were decent, solid, workmanlike pipes, but not up to the standards of the better one.

Also if you have a problem with one of these pipes, Peterson is very good about repair and replacement. So as much as I like to direct people to custom made pipes, I can't say anything bad about the high end Petes, if you are looking for a smoker. If you are looking for a piece of art, then there's other directions to look, of course.


I am a peterson fan, And have a seven day set of the peterson system pipe # 307 I also have a few of the # 302. And many others. The 302 has a good size bowl,The 307 is a little smaller and they smoke great. Its all about choice and what catches your eye.



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About a month ago I decided to take a look at Peterson pipes, something I had never done. I wanted 2 emerald rustic's, searched the world over and discovered that the emerald rustic line of pipes had been discontinued. So, I looked at just about everything Peterson offered. Found a few that I kinda liked, but I never would commit on anything. Milian tobacco had the best prices at that time. cup o joes was close with prices. I think The Deerstalker is probably the only one I might would purchase. A member on PSF had posted that he had gotten a Peterson Christmas pipe as a gift and that the finish was bubbling or something... don't know if it was just a defect or if every got it straighten out... reading the post, left a bad taste with me, so I'm done........Jeebs...


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I owned a Silver Spigot years ago that I thought smoked better (and surely had better aesthetics in the wood!) than the lower priced Petes. The only reason I sold it was because I eventually found that I preferred large pipes and this one was very small.


Not sure what qualifies as the "higher priced" Petes, but I have a Sherlock Holmes Red Hudson and a 2011 Christmas pipe (X105) and they both smoke great. They certainly weren't cheap by my standards, but that may not count for much :rolleyes: . Both of these have pretty large bowls though. I do have a Stanwell Dublin that smokes great and has a fairly small bowl.


I don't know if you consider a System Deluxe a higher-end Peterson, but I have four of 'em and none smoke as well as my System Standards. Someday I'll find a Spigot to try; maybe that'll be a step up.
I have a gold mounted supreme 68, and yes, it is a better all around pipe than say, a Killarney. It's not only the best smoker I have (noticeably) it's my favorite pipe without exception. I would make a suggestion that bang for the buck, the silver mounted army pipes are probably the best Petes, they smoke very well, look good and won't break the bank. My 69 is also one of my favorites, I would actually smoke it over my deluxe system S8. If you can justify spending the money on a supreme though, I wouldn't hesitate. I'm sure the other higher end pipes are in the same category.


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I'm still trying to justify the money. This thread is helping. Everytime I think of it, I think of $200 - $300 worth of tobacco I could get instead.
It always goes back and forth in my head.. tobacco or pipe which first.
Kind of the chicken or the egg thing...

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I've recently asked meself this question and have the range of bottom to sort of near top vut heavy upper middle and lower high end.

Aran blasted (SP ltd) A-1
Wicklow (SP ltd) 03
Kelly (COJ ltd) 80s,999,150
St Pat 2010 80s
Christmas 2010 68
Meerschaum 69 stained lattice
SH Watson meer
Killarney 264
SH Hudson gold mt
DeLuxe silver mt 106
Supreme gold mt 304, 220

All smoked recently within the past two months and fairly heavily on acquisition! :). I am really really impressed with the higher ender Petes but the low end ones aren't much far behind. I love em all but some more ;)

The stems are more comfy and better quality. The current Pete base model vulcanite stems are very good to begin with...a little chunky but good feel and quality. The Supremes and DLx are wonderful! As for looks, a traditionalist would shoot for the vibrant grain patterns and coverage over the bowl, yeah, it's nice to look at but I'd have to say it's a better tasting briar and smokes better, drier, feels wonderful clenched or in the hand sippin' ;) I really enjoy lighting one of these nicer Petes!

Hi vs Lo meer Petes, both smoke great, the SH was smoked 3 times regular and full but for the next 50 has been w/Butera bowl. Still smokes wonderfully! The SH was noticably better but the Stained Lattice smoked great...was my carry meer when out and about or driving.

I'd say that any level of Pete you snag is gonna be a great smoker and proud to own and look at! They're all very nice pipes imo. Just some look, smoke, taste, feel, break in better! Again, imo.

Used to feel Petes were too "clunky looking" especially the systems....still don't have a sys...yet!;). But now, i love everything about em! Even their clunkiness! Great pipes....some greater!


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Uhhhh Sean, i only owned one Pete prior to seeing your post on your green 68 meer back a while ago....

Been on a Pete binge for a while. Great pipes!

Ok, hello, my name is Puff and I'm a Pete-aholic.... ;)

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