Tobaccos improved by rehydration

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Today I rehydrated some Highland sliced tobacco which had been sitting in a draw inside a pouch for almost a year and was very dry. When first opened a year ago I didn't like it much but now after being rehydrated (placed in a bowl with a damp towel over the top for a few hours) the flavor I disliked has mellowed and it has turned into a very good tobacco.


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Rehydration restores a lot of tobaccos, particularly virginias. I have less success with latakia blends.

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Last winter I smoked a couple of pounds of 'Virginia Squire', which arrives deliberately on the dry side, I liked it as it came - but increasing the moisture content really boosted the flavour IMO.


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Ted I thought it was Funny as heck!

Ok next question. With Cigar smoking I always used Distilled water. Do I need to do the same with Pipe Tobacco? The reason I am asking I have a 2Qt Mason Jar that I put some PS LNF in. It came to be IMO a bit dry.

What would be the best method to rehydrate this whole jar? Thanks Beale.


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I bought a tin of G&H Rum Flake awhile back. I thought it was ok but not much more. I smoked maybe 1/3 of the tin but it was too moist. So I left it sitting, lid on, and figured Id give it a month or so and try it again. It got misplaced and when I rediscovered it a couple months later it was crispy and dry. I rehydrated it and gave it a try. It is much, much better. At least to my taste.

I use tap water to rehydrate (oh the horror...) and it works just fine. I open the tin and put it is a large ziplock bag. I fold up a wet paper towel and put it in there. Just in the bag, not over the tobacco. I seal it up and put it in a warm place like out in my sun room. It'll be perfectly rejuvenated in a day or so. Works great.


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I've got a humidor jar that is really airtight . I'll pop a dry blend in there for a day or two/three ... and it's back . I wonder if Tupperware would work the same ?
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