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Ok, so the title somewhat explains what im after.. i did a search and didn't really find any threads that related to this, though im sure they are there, and im a bit surprised i coulnd't find any.. maybe im searching wrong.. anyways..

So i got a new curious smoker on my hands.. She has never smoked a pipe.. and only rarely smoked cigarettes.. now she wants to try pipesmoking. I am hesitant and actually turned down the first request because i've been smoking for a while now, and i've developed a taste .. to a point.. but i know i enjoy tobaccos now that i did not enjoy at all when i first tried them a couple years ago.. so what i enjoy might no be right for a beginner..

I dont wanna scare her off though.. My first thought was to let her sample some Frog Morton.. which is a nice mild tobacco that has a lil bit of everything.. but it does have latakia.. and latakia can be a scary thing.

Thinking through what really makes a tobacco stand out for me i came to the conclusion that it's the sorta sweet caramely flavour you get about halfway through the bowl when i smoke escudo, telegraph hill or even dark flake scented. Problem is those tobaccos only display that quality well when stored for a while.. or in the case of DFS, it's not what i would consider an introductory tobacco. Sending stuff overseas takes forever and i was hoping i could just ship a tin from an american shop.

My question then is twofold.. are there any available tobaccos that will display that sweetness mentioned straight out of the uncellared box? and if not.. whats a good alternative for a first time smoker?

Taking names ;)


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I have a buddy , Simon , who dug my pipe smoking . I gave him all kinds of stuff to try .... he ended up smoking MCB and nothing else . Give her samples of different stuff to try . She'll figure what she likes . I never thought my wife would be smoking Balkan Sasieni , GAF and Escudo ... she hates Burley .. go figure


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I think Escudo is awesome, if you think the Perique won't be too much. There's always GAF. It's beautiful on so many levels, but a flake might be hard for a newbie. My number one pick for a brand new smoker would be Sutliff St George Blend. It's a nice black cherry aro that doesn't scream cherry. The tobacco is there front and center and the cherry is just there in the background as a subtle reminder that it is an aromatic. It's not goopy or wet. It's easy to light and keep going, like all of the Sutliff tobaccos. Anything except Man's Best Friend, from that line is great for a newbie. I'd hold off on the latikia, I hated it at first and had to work my way up to it. A nice sweet Virginia, a good Black Cavendish or a nice soft Aromatic would be a good place to start from this woman's point of view. :D


You make a good point ruffino, but yer missus makes a better one perhaps.. Being a guy and not really understanding women i'll lean towards taking a womans advice on what another woman might like lol. That being said i will ship off a nice spread of samplers from my cellar, but it takes some 2 weeks atleast for the package to make it overseas so was thinking i'd order a couple tins from an american site to start with.. something that wont be too scary.. Escudo is propably already on the list.. can't really go wrong with that i think.. but yeah.. an aro is probably a good idea too.. problem is i have no idea about aros as i dont really smoke them.. unless you count lakelands as aros. Which they are ofc.. but well.. sure ya know what i mean.

So Escudo and Sutliff St. George so far :)


I'm a pipe noob.That being said let me recommend H&H Angler's Dream.Burley and black cavendish that when opened fills the room with vanilla and cinnamon.Upon initial lighting I can just barely feel that sweet cinnamon tingle my tongue.Once you get it going(which has been rather easy for me unlike some other tobacco's I've tried)it turns very creamy,it reminds me of cocoa and honey.I find no real complex notes in this baccy just straightforward and semi-sweet.This is also one of the few tobacco's my wife has complimented the room aroma.

I smoke it daily and would recommend it for any beginner.



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Ask if she has any memories tied to a specific tobacco. For example, I got a friend of mine in to pipe smoking over the holidays. I bought him a cob, and the whole set up...and a pouch of PA, since he remembers that what his grandfather smoked...hes hooked, although prefers R-Blend, at the moment...
Before you get into Latkia, Perique and vit N. I'd find out where she stand on the basics. Does she like an aro or base tobacco. I would let her try 1Q and either a BBF or FVF. Then from there you know the base and start adding other tobbaco and blends/casing in the line of tobacco she likes.
I would start with Trout Stream or MacB Vanilla cream, Sugar Barrel or CH, 5100 or OGS, and EMP or FMOTT. All fairly tolerant of being abused and good starting points for their genre.


While I definitely respect and appreciate the female perspective here, I don't believe that starting newbies with really sweet blends like aromatics and Virginias is necessarily the only way to go. I think that your initial idea of Frog Morton would be a great choice. I've been in the same position with a woman asking me for suggestions to start in with a pipe. And while I did give my friend some of McClelland's Old Church, which is an aromatic, I also gave her some Frog Morton. She enjoyed them both. A sample of blends from aromatics, Virginias, Burleys, and English types like Frog Morton would be my suggestion.
dunno if it helps but the kit I was advised to start with that I discussed in my intro thread had 5 ten gram bags that pretty much as far as I can tell span the range of what pipe tobacco is and can be without there being anything that is gonna put a new smoker off by being inaccessible or so said the tobacconist. their ethos is try a little bit of everything anfd go from that first batch of a couple of bowls and see what you feel drawn too.

10g - Gauntleys Nottingham Blend (Latakia Mixture)
10g - Gawith Hoggarth - Cherry & Vanilla (American Aromatic)
10g - Ratrrays Bagpipers Dream (European Aromatic)
10g - Gawith Hoggarth Best Brown No2 (Virginia Flake)
10g - Gawith Hoggarth Louisiana Flake (Virginia & Perique Flake)


I'd recommend either (or both!) Lane RLP-6 & 1Q. They are the bulk versions (with less PG) of Captain Black, the best selling pipe tobacco in the US.
As a starting point, why not go with the best sellers? Lots of folks smoke Captain Black because it's cheap & available, but also because it's mild, tastes good, and smells great.


Another vote for 1Q the smell won't scare her off, and the smoke will be mild enough that it is enjoyable. I HATE, HATE HATED latakia and perique's when I first started out. So I'd avoid any heavy blends containing either. Let her try a variety of things. My suggestions for ALL new smokers are 1Q and Carter Hall/PA. Aro's and burleys are the most newbie friendly. Easy to stay lit, and not as high maintanance smokes as English or lat/perique/oriental etc. etc. blends.


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Another vote here for 1Q. As someone else on here said recently It's what people who don't know much about pipes probably have as a point of reference. It's also mild and easy to keep lit. If you have any Boswells aros they are also good - Christmas cookie, Pennsylvania Dutch Treat and Chocolate Cream. Mild and not likely to bite.


Ok, lots of good advice here and perhaps not unexpectedly there seems to be differences of opinion.:xd:
But yeah, bit of vaper, bit of aros, frog morton.. RLP-6 is a great idea. I have quite a bit of that stashed somewhere and had completely forgotten about it. Carter Hall i've yet to taste myself.. maybe i should get one of those for myself also.
Should cover it untill my package crosses the seven seas. (yep i think they go over all 7.. it takes that long.)

Thanks guys & gals ;)
Ask her how she likes her coffee...

Double espresso: oriental
Espresso: mild english
Regular: virginia
Lots of sugar: aromatic
Decaf: light tobacco
Not sure about the milk... Lol
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