Toby as a gift

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Has anyone ever received Toby as a gift, only to findout that it was less the satisfactory? What was the brand/flavor, and why did you not like it?. On the same topic, have you received toby as a gift and where you suprised that you liked it? If so, what brand/flavor?


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I received Capstan Original in
flake form from a bloke in
Denmark, and it was better
than expected. Really delicious!

Last year's Secret Santa sent
me several tins, but the only
one I opened was the Petersons
Holiday 2010, which is a nice
little aro.



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When I got my first pipe, my wife bought me Lane 1Q and Burley Light. I liked the Lane very much, but thought the Burley was a little tasteless. I was brand new to pipe smoking, so didn't know any better. I wonder if I would like Burley Light now? This thread has reminded me that I may need to give it another shot.


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My loving mother-in-law is a non-smoker and a bit anti. Still she knows I'm not changing my ways. Knowing nothing about pipes/tobacco, she once bought me a Cavalier shaped pipe made of plastic with a metal bowl insert and four pouches of Paladin Black Cherry tobacco...all of which should be banned in the USA. I ooohed and awwwed over them, which pleased her to no end....she really has a good heart. The "pipe" sits in a place of honor in my glass-front pipe cabinet.


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My kids bought me a 12 oz bag of some drugstore Captain Black lookalike for last Christmas. I smoked a bowl of it and because it came from them, I was determined to find a way to finish it (haven't yet!). Mixing in 30% (or so) of C&D's Kelly's Coin did the trick. It dried up a lot of the goop and upped the potency to the point where I now find it smokable, if not wonderful.

And nobody gots ta know I doctored it!!! :groucho:


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A past girlfriend of mine bought me a tin of dunhill early morning once,i cracked it open and could not get past the smell of,still have the tobacco not the girlfriend.
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