Tonight I Rode The Train

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C&D's Night Train.

Went on a little bit of a C&D TAD and got some Kajun Kake, Opening Night, Manhattan Afternoon, Sunday Picnic and Night Train.
Pipesnadcigars had that deal going on to the end of March that if you spent $50. or more you got a free T-shirt. Picked up the one with the Einstein quote on it. And being the nice people that they are they also threw in an extra t-shirt and some Super Value tobacco (maybe that wasn't so nice, but hey, it was free).

On to my Night Train ride...
First I packed my pipe all wrong. I crumbled up some of the cake and thought this is just the right consistency to try the German pack on. At least I think it's called the German pack. The one where you jam the tobacco in just the upper part of the bowl and leave the bottom empty. It would have worked if I had used less tobacco or a deeper bowl, but it was pretty much jammed in top to bottom. The draw wasn't bad so I figured what the heck and lit up rather then repack.... I said all that to say this. In spite of my inept packing method once I got it lit it burned great with very few relights.
I don't know what the nicotine level is in this but I would say it ranks pretty high. I swear I was getting hot flashes from this stuff.
Great taste of sweetness with spice. Left a nice tobacco taste in the mouth. Defiantly a medium to full smoke. Wife didn't complain so I guess the room note was ok.
I wish I could describe tastes better. All I can say is that there were quite a few playing around here and they were all good.
I wouldn't smoke this in the morning or on an empty stomach but other then that I'll smoke this again and again. Some great stuff here.
A blend of Burley, Virginia and Perique.

Now that I'm thinking about it maybe it would be something good to smoke in the morning. Get your buzz on while driving to work.


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Thanks for the info - I've heard a lot about C&D's tobaccos; this sounds like one to try.

Describing tastes is notoriously difficult _ I smoked Condor for over 20 years but still couldn't describe it properly - I'm reduced to saying "Well it's kinda like Latakia but it isn't, there's licquorice and something else in there but I can't desvribe it; it's a stong smoke with a distictive taste but it's not an aromatic and it really tastes like er...Condor!"

When I'm asked to review a tobacco I usually end up having to write a flaming story to try to convey the sense of the flavour.

A good review - thanks again and it's one more to add to the ever lengthening list of "must tries"



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I think you were going for the cannon ball/air pocket packing method. The German/Frank method is when you gravity fill and then add a denser layer of tobacco on top using mostly sideways pressure to push it into the bowl.

Let us know how the Opening Night and Manhattan Afternoon are when you get to them. I've been thinking about picking up some tins and I'd be interested to hear your opinions of them.
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