Topping one baccy with another?

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I'm an old codger at heart I think, I love nothing more than a bowl of PA or CH, and I buy the stuff by the pouch and snap up cans when I see them. (they can be rare sometimes around these parts).

However those old tried and trues can get a bit predictable at times, and I like to liven them up. Enter stronger tinned tobacco, like Navy Flake or University Flake, or Erinmoor.

Often when I smoke something like Navy Flake or University Flake all by it's lonesome I find it a tad strong, like a booted kick to the head, and rarely finish an entire bowl unless I'm severely distracted and have time to smoke slowly (like when commuting to work). I think it's my habits as an ex cigarette smoker kicking in, I tend to smoke fast, but OTC like PA tend to be reasonably forgiving of this vice, however the stronger more exotic stuff is not in my experience.

Lately I've tried topping a bowl of PA or CH with a dash of something strong like UF or NF, normal three part pack with the last portion skimped a bit, and a pinch of flake over it. Kind of like a shot to go with a beer to me.

I've found that I get a strong kick from the flake topping, enough to snag my attention and interest and probably stoke the interest of my nicotine tooth. However the rest of the bowl mellows out and is not so angry Hulk strong on me.

Anyone else do anything like this?

(PS, don't do this while mixing english and non english, I found a pinch of Presbyterian *usually a fave of mine* over PA is FOUL FOUL FOUL, ruined them both!)


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My favorite parfait is Solani ABF on the bottom 2/3 of a bowl, topped off with Carter Hall. I tried it to help the ABF last a little longer, when I was blowing through my last tin. I really like it, and think it adds some depth to the ABF flavors.


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When I need a break from the OTC's I start smoking Virginias, like 5100, never thought to parfait tobaccos but I did mix some CH and PA together once but didn't care for them blended together.
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