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Vanilla Pipe Tobacco - Suggestions Please

David M

"You talkin' to me?"
Greetings to all from Nevada. I rarely smoke flavored pipe tobaccos. However, I've been reading from various posts about people enjoying a good bowl of vanilla pipe tobacco. Back during my very early days of pipe smoking I did try the vanilla, apple, cherry, etc. tobaccos. Mostly they weren't very pleasing. If my memory serves me right the vanilla ones were the best of the bunch. Can my fellow pipe smokers out there supply me with some advice and suggestions? Much appreciation to you all.


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I dont have issues with PG added to cavendish blends .. I mean , there are a few that are so wet and unsmokeable but not many .

Theres a boat load of vanilla blends out there and all the recommendations so far have been fine ... except for mixture 79 ! I mean , there may very well be Vanilla in there but it's so waylaid with floral and soap and whatnot that I think to say it's " vanilla " is such a stretch as to be near absurd .. just sayin .

Other than whats been mentioned , PS Sweet Vanilla is good . I just recently retried China Black Vanilla and it's a very typical soft Vanilla Cavendish , which is to say it's good and mello .
PA Soft Vanilla is good but the last pouch I had was too wet and over flavored .. maybe their spry machine was having a bad day


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As in "Where do you buy it?" or "Why on earth would anyone in their right mind recommend M79!?!"

If it's the first, pretty much all the better known e-tailers mentioned on this forum stock it.
If it's the 2nd, I agree wholeheartedly. :ohyh:
It's the 2nd, and vanilla is nowhere in my palate when smoking said blend. I even smoked a bowl a bit ago to be sure ...Nope, I am not that lucky to taste vanilla in "the mixture".