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Vanilla Pipe Tobacco - Suggestions Please

In general I'm not one for flavoured tobacco (other than traditional aromatics) but I've tried Mac Baren's Vanilla Cream and think it's very good. The vanilla complements the tobacco nicely. It's a good, reliable, easy smoke. I've also tried Borkum Riff Vanilla Cavendish. That's a bit rougher and I wouldn't bother, although it's not as bad as a lot of BR tobaccos are made out to be.


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@Tsal if I could get that out of m79 I'd be a convert .... Due to @Serenity 's insistence that I persist with the m79 I've given it a fair shake. Much more than I have other blends that were initially off-putting. I will say I haven't gotten to the point of "liking" it but it's not as off-putting as it was initially.
believe that is a working definition of faint praise . . . . . . . . . . . . :)
Another Dan Tobacco offering of interest might be Blue Note. It certainly has a strong vanilla and fruit tin note. I must admit I still struggle to smoke it correctly, and get mainly undefinable sweet as taste, but you may be more successful than me in that respect. I've read it compared to vanilla ice cream...


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I just placed a tobacco order with my POY and threw in a couple ounces of McClelland Vanilla Black Cavendish for blending.
Has anyone tried that one?