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Vanilla Pipe Tobacco - Suggestions Please


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Vanilla is a hard one to really get right. Mac baren's vanilla cream is good but you got to smoke that slower then a seven year itch. To me I like CB royal it has a pleasant vanilla to it. So does CB regular. The regular has a better balance and you can taste the burely.


I used to really like the Planta Danish black vanilla (especially in the flake).The flake is now really hard to find. The ready rubbed mixture can be found at 4noggins and smokingpipes. I also like stokkeby sweet vanilla and French vanilla.


As a relatively new pipe smoker I have been searching for the "perfect" vanilla blend as well. It all happened when I bought a Savinelli Vaniglia 320 KS. I had no idea the pipe was supposed to be scented. I just really liked the look of it. It had sat in the shop long enough to lose whatever vanilla treatment was added when it was new, but it got me to thinking, so I dedicated that pipe to vanilla blends.

I've tried close to a dozen vanilla blends in the last month or so and I agree with the fans of MacBaren Vanilla Cream. It's probably my favorite. I get a fair amount of vanilla but don't lose the tobacco flavors like I do with a some of the others. I also like Cult Conspiracy. The latakia is very understated which might be a plus for some folks, but I wouldn't mind a litte more.