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Want to buy Mark Tinsky American Smoking Pipe Co. 1984 Xmas pipe

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I am looking for an American Smoking Pipe Company Christmas pipe for the year 1984. They were made by Mark Tinsky and Curt Rollar.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated


don't tell me you have all the rest?

1984 is the second year he made them and production records according to ASPC vast archives....ok Mark's memory was about 18 pipes.

1983 was the first year and they made 6 or 7.

Originally I hadn't planned on trying to complete the set but I found a 1983 at the CORPS show in 1991. I showed it to Mark and he couldn't believe it. I rather quickly acquired a 1987 and 1986 and have been pretty much buying one each year as he's produced them.

After over 20 years I finally found a 1985 so now all I need is a 1984 and I'll have the whole set.

I know there is one out there somewhere, as you can tell, I'm trying to speed things up so I don't wait another 20 :)years.



P.S. There was a 92 at the CORP show but that's all I saw.


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Sounds like a perfectly wonderful goal. Good luck! I've seen an '87 and that's about the best I got for ya. :beck:
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