What Are you Smoking April 2018?


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Hello all, a cool overcast day so far

I'm kicking off with J.F.Germain's Virginia Goldleaf R/R in a no-name 'Empire Made' straight pot with vulcanite stem (as with all my pipes)

That well-known Yorkshire delicacy Salt 'n Pepper Chips & Sweet-and-Sour Chicken Balls & Sauce :)
I like the pipe, but your Yorkist Grass appears very green, is the grass always greener in Yorkshire ;)

I though Curry was Officially England’s Favourite Dish.. but I like your choice :)

Also I like the new Avatar, what a great Character..... :bing:

Just started on some GH Brown Irish Twist (Aniseed) in a London Made pencil shank straight pot :puffy:

Smoke on and what a nice combination. :thu2:
Starting the day off with D&S Trafalgar. It's typical spring day here on Cape Cod—rain, strong winds out of the north, all at a cozy 44°F. Definitely a pipe smoking day, it's just not a grassy VA flake, cold drink, barefoot on the porch kind of day. More like a stout English, hot tea, wrapped in a sweater, relaxing the den–day, heh! English blends and Burleys sound good today; C&D London Squire, Pegasus, Exhausted Rooster, SPC Mississippi River, D&S Trafalgar in the new Sav. 603 :)
BTW, i wasn't impressed with HH Lat Flake, either. Could'nt even taste the Lat in it.
Yep, same here. I was all excited because I love aged Latakia, but the Lat content is so low it's barely there. They definitely should've named it something else. Since MB does a great job with some other blends, I'll give 'em a pass but boy, that's one lousy flake. Also, I've heard very good things about Peretti's Tashkent!
Finishing up some “Manhood” while the Maple Twist gets some dry time before heading into a DGE cob.
Of the handful of GH blends I've had, Maple Twist and Rum Flake are my favs. That DGE looks great! From what I've seen, Doug does a real nice job with those.