What Are you Smoking April 2018?


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Hello all, quite a pleasant day today

I've been throwing a few scraps of everything I smoke into a jar for a few months now and I'm having the first smoke of the Mystery Mix today. Everything from Condor to Sir Walter, Coniston to Balkan Special, Flavoured Twists to Germain flakes - and everything in between :)

I'm pleasantly surprised how nice it is - in a MM Legend with bent stem and Savinelli balsa filter

I like the pipe, but your Yorkist Grass appears very green, is the grass always greener in Yorkshire ;)

Also I like the new Avatar, what a great Character..... :bing:
The new avatar is the same chap as before for those unaware, Rotherham-born (a few miles East of here) Yorkshire and England cricketer Fred Trueman - he used to like bowling on our greener grass Bees .. especially at Scarborough when the tide came in - and havoc for the batters ensued :D

Fred Trueman : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDUYWAcpyOE (the 1952-64 refers to his England career, Fred lived to a good age)
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The Paddy’s is pretty decent, sweeter than Jameson, but lacking some oomph and the slightly smoky/peat taste. My buddy says he has been looking for Power’s Gold Label, but apparently it is somewhat hard to find around here.
If you've haven't yet, try some Teeling. It's a reasonably priced ($39-ish) bottle of top shelf Irish. A bit brighter than your typical Jameson/Tullamores but also a bit more complex.
Well, like my fellow Floridian @WalkinStick, it's a cold and windy morning here in Central Fl.

Been blowing pretty hard by my house since early Sunday. Made for a pretty miserable pipe day yesterday. I had to switch back and forth between the front and back patio's trying find a corner that it wasn't raining or hailing on me or blowing ash into my face.

At least its sunny this morning with the front having blown over. But still darn windy. So starting this morning with a cigar and hoping things die down enough for me to enjoy a pipe.

First up is a La Pearla Habana White Pearl. I enjoy some of the other "Pearls" as a decent mid-priced cigar. Just recently got some of these for a milder morning smoke. I've not been disappointed. Lots of flavor, a bit of complexity, no danger of getting green if I suck it down too fast on an empty stomach.

On deck, I'm planning to smoke side by side, in virtually identically "clean" cobs, McClellend Dark Star (thanks @Ozark Wizard ) and Butera Dark Stoved. I have not been able to discern any difference between these two blends, either visually, from the tin note, or in the pipe. (Granted my unsophisticated philistine palate).

The sample from @Ozark Wizard has about 7 years on it and seemed a bit moister than the 2017 tin of the Butera, which was more "rubbery" out of the tin.

(Dark Star on the right)


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Good morning! Broke the ice out of the animals water, the barn is still warm, the new kittens are getting cuter. Not feeling too badly today, with coffee in hand and pipe loaded with my homage to Royal Cajun Ebony, which I call Incestuous Blend. It's not as strong as it looks.

Do I hear banjos?
I had this magnet on my kitchen for for years, " If you hear banjos,,,, paddle faster"!
I'm burning Count Pulaski in a MMGDS w/a slight bend, it's very OTCish very pluming smoking with smoky sweet mouth feel from the burley and rum flavoring with just a hint of latakia, I'm vey glad I got a pound of this it's most enjoyable