WAYS What are You Smoking March 2018

Old Toby

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PS LNF in a heavily rusticated lil’ Decatur billiard, which I don’t remember buying, and which I kinda sorta think I got as a freebie from P&C a few years back.

The flake I discovered in a cabinet drawer while getting a head start on Spring cleaning. The jar wasn’t dated, but I’d guess it’s about 2 or 3 years old.
Near the end of a bowl of St. Bruno in a US estate Bruno freehand plateau, Abbot's Ale on the table.​
PS. excuse me not giving "likes" to all the posts , I'm still a newbie and I'm not keeping up with the fast pace of the posts, I'm a slow coach auld codger, I will get to keep up with the action soon Guys ( & gals ?).​

Smoking a pipe is a way of Life. Smoking a cigar is living Life. Smoking a cigarette is serving Life. Snuff is the breath of Life.​


Couple of firsts for me, trying out a new Falcon with some Mike & Russ Full Latakia. I love latakia forward blends but this one is interesting. Something in the first few puffs is making my lips pucker. Almost like some kind of topping.
Sipping on some Dragon Pearls Jasmine tea in a Yeti.

I'm wishing Russ & co buy up all of Mikes tobacco and continues making this and others.