what are you snuffing 2018

Started this morning with ground up Big n Burley. Now, Off to the races with Garrett Scotch. I confess to look very strange whipping out a hanky with brown globs all over it.
People have learned not to touch my bandana if its sitting on a table with a German silver box sitting next to it at this point...

More often than not, my stains are black, though. Lots of black Indian snuffs go up my schnozz at this point.
So, how is Thor's hammer? I'm curious......

Wow roasted nuts.
You didn't ask me but I've just recently tried TH myself. It reminds me of American moist snuff(dip), think grizzly straight or maybe Copenhagen. I personally love that flavor as grizzly straight was my first love affair with lady nicotine. And the nic content on TH certainly lived up to it's name for me. Very nice.