What Does Perique Taste Like?

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I'm sitting here having a bowl of Escudo and I'm trying to put my finger on it. If I were reviewing it and trying to describe the flavor. Green grape? Crab apple? Is it sour? Does the sweetness come from the Virginia?

So my question, What does perique taste like?

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Death :P

Taste is very subjective, but with perique (akin to how I see overly spicy curry)I personally find that the spicy sensation overpowers the taste.

Upon discovering this I've mostly avoided Perique heavy blends and VApers, but in my expeience of Perique blends the sweetness always came from the VA.

As they say, it would be no fun if we were all the same :P sorry I cant be of more help!


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It can be all the things mentioned and it can even take on a briny, salty flavor. It kinda depends what it's mixed with. I did smoke it straight once but all I can remember is that I never want to do that again.

In Escudo, I get a dark fruit flavor from the perique... very slightly sweet. Kind of like a plum. Perhaps a very lightly peppered plum.


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I'm not sure whats going on with Perique these days . But back when Perique wasnt an issue as to validity and was common to get a hold of .... if youve ever smelled a tire burning and breathed that in .... they you know what Perique tastes like when smoked straight


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Gee, I have never experienced it and thanks to all of the comments I am taking as warnings, I won't be trying it. :sh:

No no .... I didnt mean to scare anyone from trying a blend with Perique ! I wouldnt advise smoking it straight , is all . Many blends that contain Perique , contain it in small amounts , where it doesnt taste like burning tires at all , rather a spicy slightly tangy wonderfulness ... by all means , please try a blend with Perique ........ theyre awesome !

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Whilst I personally wasn't a fan of Escudo, I loved the perique in Exhausted Rooster, Captain Earle's Honor Blend, and Dunhill Nightcap.
I love it when the perique stands out, to me, Escudo didn't do so. A nice perique, particularly like thhat in Honor Blend, clears my sinuses when snorked better than any nasal spray of any type can. Being a sufferer of chronic sinusitis, that is damned brilliant!
I love the punchy, peppery, pungent, spicy tones that perique can bring to a blend, it really is quite something!
Take all the above with grain of salt though - I'm still very much a beginner with pipe smoking :th1:


I find Perique tastes like black pepper and has the same sensation only milder.

I love Escudo and Nightcap. I find the Latakia overpowers any Perique flavor in English blends.
In Escudo the Virginia brings the flavor and the Perique is only a condiment.

Personally I think i am addicted to it! Blatter Reserve contains Perique and I must say I want all my afternoon/evening tobacco to have at least a hint of it. Something about the flavor triggers fond memories of camp fires and walks in the forest..


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Yes. If it smells like fermented fruit when you sniff it, and you get pepper in the snork, that's probably Perique. As others have said, it's best used sparingly as a condiment, but there is nothing like it in a blend.


Personally I think i am addicted to it!.....
Almost my sentiments exactly. I'm planning on ordering some from 4noggins and adding it to some baccy. Especially my MC 5100, Carter Hall, Sugar Barrel & Walnut. Someplace I downloaded a blending tip sheet and it recommends to keep it under 10% of the blend.

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