whats the wierdest,strangest,silliest or just down right stupid thing you have used for a tamper?.

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Live 20 gauge round. Not the primer end
Otherwise the usual assortment, made a tamper from a broken screwdriver that works OK, since I cant find the one I had made from a stem


Probably mentioned already but for a while I just used dry wall screws I had in the garage. The flat round head worked fine. I now have like 3-4 pipe tools plus a tamper/spoon combo that came with a pipe order. At one time, I had misplaced every pipe tool I had, then they all pop up out of nowhere. I never lose them, only misplace them.

actually, i do not own a real tamper. i use in this order
a case bone pen knife which is my A. P. pipe tool
peices of random wood from my wood kindleling box and i'm sad when my wife burns one in the fire place:(


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A friction fuse ignitor. Note: the ignitor, NOT the blasting cap!
A live 5.56 round. C'mon, be realistic, it takes more heat and more time to "cook off" a round than a half second tamp. Especially at 40 below. round was probably frozen anyway.
My finger.

I'm going with finger too. Silly thing was I didn't even think about it, my mind was elsewhere and I just stuck that bad boy right in there. It wasn't until after I'd done it that I thought about it.

i've used just about anything i can find. but the weirdest would probably be a pipe cleaner with the fuzz burnt off bent into a tamper-ish shape. used SPENT rifle casings too.


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Just about anything really that will get the job done if I don't have a real pipe tamper handy. My favorite tamper is a deer antler tamper with a .45 shell casing end that I purchased from Don Warren. That tamper just seems to had a bit to my enjoyment.

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