When Smoking Flake Tobacco

Cousin Ivan

What @dmkerr said.

Super thick ‘flakes’ like that are really crumble cakes. I wouldn’t try to fold and stuff a crumble cake slice. It’ll just crumble naturally as you try to fold it, anyhow.
Agreed. It is what it is, if it's technically a crumble-cake form of tobacco (though I personally have never tried that form, I'm predominantly a 'true' Flake sort of chap), I've read enough on here over the years to appreciate that it'll crumb quite easily because that's its nature.
Smoke&enjoy however you prepare your pipe tobacco, whatever it's form,thats always the bottom line. :bing::bing:

Old Toby

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I see what you mean by a super thick flake in the plum pudding crumbled it once wouldn't light crumbled it the second time much smaller good smoke then :D
Yeah, generally I find that the best way to smoke a crumble cake is to crumble it into something roughly resembling a cube or ribbon cut, then let it dry to whatever degree seems necessary. When it’s ready, gravity fill the pipe as you would with a true cube cut. Tamp very lightly, char, light, and enjoy.
I normally cube cut all my flakes when smoking inside. If I am outside I will do a fold and stuff. I have no crumble cakes in my cellar but if I did, I would break pieces off and load it like a cube cut.

Old Tom

I will generally pull some of the strands apart then fold them and stuff them in the bowl with the fold inside the bowl. How many of the strands will be determined by bowl interior size. Any left over strands will be kept with other loose strands for use later in other pipes.
I don't rub them out.
Fold and stuff is my usual method; sometimes when I get to the end of a tin, the flakes left over are too broken up to properly stuff and I'll rub them out; I'm not sure which one I prefer.