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who's your pipe smoking mentor ?

A huge remembrance & thank you to my pipe mentor 1 Mr. Art Paquette (very recently deceased). Art was never ending with his generosity and helpful tips regarding pipes and pipe smoking.Art loved his Dunhills and Ser Jacapo pipes. Imagine my gratitude when Art gave me a Nording Freehand pipe and a bag of Nightcap....... and now, his wife is sending me all of his surviving tobacco. I'll smoke a bowl of Nightcap for ya.
Sorry for your recent loss, Estoban.

A fine lady by the name of Laura Knight Jadcyzk (LJK).
She's not a pipe but a cigarello smoker but I learnt all that was good about smoking tobacco from her which led me to pipe smoking for I had always loved the smell of pipe tobacco since I was a kid. Back then, you could smoke in the cinema and I recall the first time I smelt the amazing aroma during a movie. It was much later that I realized that same aroma came from a pipe tobacco. I believe it was some cherry blend. But by the time I was old enough to smoke, pipe smokers had practically disappeared from our milieu and smoke from cheap, nasty local ciggies filled the place, which I found rather unpleasant. So it was only very recently when I came across LKJ's writings that the concept of pipe smoking suddenly re-surfaced...long live pipe smokers! ;)

My brother-in-law has smoked a pipe since I can't remember when. He and I have spent a lot of time sitting around a fire, swapping tales, sharing our lives, talking about our wives and kids. Aaron always had his pipe. I always thought, one day I'm going to smoke a pipe too. Aaron and his family celibrate Christmas at our house, so in 2011 I decided I'd buy a pipe and an ounce of tobacco in preperation of his visit. The rest is history. from then 'till now has been a wonderfull journey. I'm always eager to learn more when it comes to pipes. And I'm ever gratefull to my brother-in-law, Aaron, for passing his hobby on to me. So...who got you started ?
Very fitting thread... thanks, Luck Duck :)

Well I guess all you fellas on here have been my mentors. Im sure someone at some point in my life someone smoked a pipe as all the smells are so familiar. Perhaps in a past life I was a smoker and am in some strange way mentoring myself. :bangin: But I should say thanks all the old Codgers and codgers to be on PSF its said so often but never looses anything because its true... this place is awesome:buds::byg:......... wipe a tear, squish a bug, light a pipe :bing:

I don't have one but I really wish I did. Been piping for 7 years now, self taught and I'm 100% positive I could learn something to get more out of my smokes. But, everything seems to be working out ok so far, and until I find out what i'm missing, ignorance is bliss :bing:

Since coming back to the pipe in July, most of what I have learned has been from the posts on this forum. There is a wealth of information here and an amazing group of enablers willing to share their experience. A special thanks though to Berg and MentorBV.

Ray Mackessy

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I started pipe smoking before the internet and pipe smoking forums. My great grandfather was a pipe smoker but he died when I was just 5 yrs old. I didn't have a mentor so I learned on my own thru alot of trial and error. When pipe smoking forums came along I did learn alot more and am still learning. It's an ongoing process for all of us.

My Pop Pop of course !
Well he was my inspiration for it. He died at 96 when I was 6. But it's because of him I wanted to smoke a pipe. Heck I wanted to do it when I was 5 ! Lol. I taught myself. If it wasn't for my Grandpop though I wouldn't have gravitated to it. I remember the aroma from his pipe, like many it was the first thing I noticed about it. And from then, I thought it smelled good.