Why This Forum Is So Awesome!

Slow Tri

Is it Friday yet?
There have been many posts relating to how great and selfless everyone on this forum is and I have to add one more.

What started out as a message to ask an opinion on McClelland's St James Woods blend turned into full blown craziness.

I asked Andrew (aka @leacha ) his opinion as to how St. James stacks up against McC's Beacon Extra and also McC's Bulk 2015. He gave his opinion and then said that he would send me some to try out. Now when I hear or say "sample", it usually means a ziploc with enough tobacco in it for 3-4 bowls just so that someone can get a taste of the blend in order to determine if they like it or not.

A few days later a box arrived from smokingpipes.com with 4 tins of VaPers in there. I thought that they made a mistake and sent me Andrew's order by mistake. I messaged him to let him know that I would ship it out to him since it was an obvious error. He replied back, "It's all for you". He also stated that he was a perique fiend and that he followed my VaPer Showdown thread and sent me a gamut of McC's VaPer blends.

Well, needless to say, these will all be incorporated into the VaPer Showdown in the near future!

Just to note, SP actually did not include the St. James Woods in the original order by mistake. They sent an extra Top Hat but quickly fixed their error by sending the St James out the next day. Great customer service!!

With all of the craziness that seems to be going on all over the world it is nice to know that I have a brotherhood (and sisterhood) here on PSF. It truly is a light in my day when I can hop on here and chat with all of you.

Thank you so much Andrew for surprising the heck out of me and for being so generous. It will be paid forward.....I can guarantee you that.