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Wicker Man's Metal's

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think this belongs here :rolleyes:
Counting the time down and thought I'd share the suspense :whis:
I won a pipe on E-bay last night :banana: $4.49

I E-mailed him and asked 'as I was only 5 miles away any chance of picking it up' ?
had a mail back 'Yes no problem', a phone number and ring after 15:00
Found this http://www.smokingmetal.co.uk/pipe.php?page=388
The logo is an elephant and "Tanganyika". This is the logo of Tanganyika Meerschaum Pipes

So I'm smoking Teddy's York-Shire Tobacco in my Ropp mini Cherrywood drinking Lavazza and watching the clock
Wish me Luck :whis:

For all Metal Heads :ngty:

Briar, metal thread, bowl base

Twin bore

the cake was that dry it was falling off, so gave it a gentle ream

a pipe cleaner soaked in Grant's down each bore came out clean, so we were good to go and what a cool dry smoke from a pipe weighing exactly 1oz.


It did when I made it, but it tended to get very solid as the tars cooled, and set, so I removed the leather washer, the tap still turns but doesn't do ow't
the mouth piece tap was the same so I soldered solid and drilled a hole through, as open was across the pipe and I wanted it in line, it smokes very cool as well :toast:
You need to add a JUMA..1858 Remington has one in his ...

The Jima is an interesting pipe.

It uses a coil spring to collect moisture and filter the Tar.
The filter is removed by one of 2 methods, depending on the style of Jima you own.
The first is the double O-ring style, and the second is the threaded double O-ring.
Since old tar tend to bind them up, treat them both as threaded, and turn the airway cover to loosen, or unscrew.
Then pull the airway cover to the rear, and tip the bowl end down.
The airway cover should be able to be removed forward under the bowl, and you will find the spring inside it.

The most bizarre thing about them is their bowls.
The bowl is not meant to be removed and is a fragile porous porcelain that chips easily.
I have only seen one NOS replacement bowl liner ever on ebay, and the price was $50.:eek:

They do smoke pretty good though, but I still like my Falcons.

Now some Jima Porn


The style remindes me of a 40s something Packard steering wheel !
I have one also in my collection along with 2 Falcons.someday will find a meerschaum Falcon bowl !
Nice pipes guys !!

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