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Won Me a Viking...

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Thats a nice older Viking. Good snag! Looks like it may have flaked some chrome off. I have a Koolsmoke I'm going to finish flaking the finish and then polish. That is a cool ole big bowl on that thing. I will look and see if I can find a pic of my Viking with the same bowl.

Cleaned it up, worked the bowl over and gave it a try. It has a very peculiar flavor and starts to gurgle alot sooner than my briars. When I say I cleaned it, I mean CLEANED it until it was as like new as I could make it. This is my first metal, do they impart a different flavor than briars as a matter of course or can they be "bad"?

I haven't run into a metal that has held a flavor or changed the flavor of a tobacco. I would think if any flavor was gained from the pipe it would be from the bowl? Was it a soapy flavor?

Not a soapy flavor, that would have been better than what I got! I think the bowl cleaned up well, I've cleaned up worse that this one was so I don't think that is the issue. Is it possible that if I am a"wet smoker" that the metal would exacerbate the fluid accumulation that otherwise would not not be an issue in a briar?

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