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Wooday's FNG smoke-along

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Revisited Louisiana Red this morning in a cob broken in with CH then deep cleaned.

Lit much easier. One char and I was off
Less straight up spice throughout, but the spice had much more depth. I don't know how you can get deeper than the last time, but hey, it happened.
No bite on the snork. A pleasant warming.
Finished out smoothly. All the same flavors, with a little more panache.


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It's been about a month since I started working Inpatient Psychiatry at the hospital, and I'm finally getting some time to relax and smoke. It's not very therapeutic to come in and work with a bunch of schizophrenic smokers smelling of smoke.

Dunhill Flake in a MM straight legend. (I was giddier than a catholic schoolgirl going to college)

Packing: folded it in half and stuffed it in. I fluffed up the top to try to make it easier to light.
Lighting: One long charring light and a tamp got it ready for business.
First third: Light smoke with an appreciable buzz. A little spice but more just plain mildness. The snork is barely there. A little bit of old duffy pine needles, like earthy and tannin mixed and mellowed
Second third: Had a small issue with tunneling through the center. Fixed it by dumping the loose ash and loosely packing the edges into the middle. tamped and relit. Hot smoke, but when i slowed down I noticed a very slight caramel sweetness and a hint of lemonade.
Last third: The wind is picking up, and so is the Nic Buzzzzz. Starting to taste more like a cigarette. meh. Only finished because ArmedOctopus only sent me two flakes, and I should treasure it.
Ash: light and granular. No dottle, per se, but maybe a quarter teaspoon of charcoal.
Aftertaste: Lingering ash tray with enough hickory smoke flavor to make it worth it.

All in all, for my first try at a flake tobacco, this was a perfect choice. I will be going back to it and looking for more after this sample is gone

I'm guessing that this is a pretty straight Virginia


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H&H Anniversary in a small, bent briar fresh from a deep clean.
Came from the sample box in a zippie. Seemed a little moist, so i set some out to dry as I enjoyed the dunhill flake.
Packed: 3 step method seemed right. fairly large flakes.
Lighting: This is the amazing expanding tobacco! Took 3 chars and tamps to get it managed.
First third: sweet, musty, wet.
Second third: Steamy and gurgly. Bit my tongue and slowed way the heck down from what was already a snail's pace
Last third: finally dried out and I caught a random hint of almond. Tough to pick anything else out since I fried my tongue.
Ash: Light and fluffy, except for the dottle. The dottle was neither light nor fluffy, and it gave me a malevolent look
Aftertaste: pleasant, except for the numb spot on my tongue and soft palette. Completely my fault.

Unrelated to the tobacco, I've decided this little pipe is not cut out for aromatics.

Oh, and if you want to send me any M79, I will take one for the team, and likely tape the encounter for posterity, and forensic review.


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Three nuns in a bent nose warmer as I'm putting up some walls.
Packaging: Oct rubbed this out before putting it in the zippy. Nice and dry.
Packing: packed easy, lit easy.
First third: smooth and muted. A lot of subtle flavors. Vanilla, smoked beef, sweetgrass on the snork.
Second third: happiness, less muted, finally tamped. Dried hay, with wood smoke. Nothing punching me in the face.
Last third. Nothing new, bit still interesting. Good to the end
Ash: very Virginia, no dottle.
Aftertaste: nada

Definitely getting more when I have the chance


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Wrote this in my journal last week but forgot to post it here.
Louisiana Flake in a cob.
Packaging: the flake Octo sent me was rolled so tightly it was practically a plug. I rubbed it out and stared at it for half an hour. Good, honest smell.
Packed it and went outside for some exploring with the spawn.
Lighting: Lit easy after a couple charring lights.
First third: Can't pick anything out. Maybe it's the cold. still delicious
Second third: I'm tasting yummy, yummy smoke. I could do this all day.
Last third: No Idea. Larva is distracting me from the important things. No changes as far as I can tell.
One relight.
Good fine ash*

I want more.

*I'm thinking that the ash characteristics have more to do with my improving smoking technique than any property of the tobacco.


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MacBaren Golden Extra in a clay cutty.
Packaging: broken up flake in a small zippy. Dry. Smells like nutella
Packing: rubbed it out a bit more and packed using the 3 step method.
Lighting: 2 charring lights, just to be thorough. Modest expansion.
First third: Slow paced, sippy puffs. Very light tingly spice, flirting with tongue bite. Wisps of hazelnut. Well rounded body
Second third: A+ for consistency. Mild generic sweetness working it's way to the foreground.
Relight- harsh, but mellowed out quickly
Last third- a little harsher, more linen than silk smooth. A bit of burnt chocolate.


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Criz Frazer sent me a baggie. It bore a hazmat symbol and the admonishment "Keep away from heat"
Being a strong, independent 'Merican, I ignored the warning label and fired up a bowl.

Paladin in a cob:
...tomato leaves and grass clippings are no longer the worst tasting smoke I've ever experienced.


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The stars finally aligned when my daughter took a nap, my honey-do list was finished and it wasn't blizzarding, so I packed the sample of PS Proper English in the clay and sat on a block of ice for some quiet meditation-
Package: Very dry ribbon, borderline crumbling
Packing: easy to pack, just grabbed a pinch and tamped it down. Breathed on it to try to rehydrate it.
Lighting: very little expansion, easy light except for the gusts of wind.
First third: mild smoked straight jerky and hay, smooth smoke.
Second third: more jerky, with a little dark molasses and less hay
Last third: black pepper spice and more towards burnt hamburger
Ash: good and consistent, little dottle

It's frickin cold.


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Some catching up, abbreviated.

Carey's Light and Mild:
Moist in the zippy, packed tight and had to start over with a lighter touch before lighting, which went well.
Light and mild mannered (or weak and spineless depending on your outlook). Sweet and easy puff. SWMBO couldn't taste it on me, so it has that going for it.
2 relights.

7 year old Dunhill A21000:
Smoked this while driving through a snowstorm in upstate NY dictating my thoughts to my phone. Galaxia, my AI, doesn't take good notes.
Relatively dry, packed well, lit easy.
Yummy. Very well rounded. vanilla, timothy hay sweet. burned straight through with only a little dottle in the bottom of the cob. Extremely relaxing for the 40 minutes it lasted in my dipolomat cob

Esoterica's And so to bed:
Very dry. Packed it and reminded myself to take it slow.
Lightly candied beef jerky spritzed with liquid smoke and cider.
Confused? So am I. Interesting things going on, needs another couple bowls to figure out.
Buzzed on an empty stomach.


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Zippy is labeled "Hav Dream CHERRY, just 1/2oz"
No idea what it is... Maybe Octo can clue us in.
Smells like it's cased. It's got some good hydration to it but not soppy.
I let it dry out for an hour before I packed it
Easy pack, I'm getting the hang of this. Char light took 2 matches to get it even.
Smoke was sweet, but not pure sugar. No cherry, more like a dried raspberry. Smelled divine but not much else going on. Still nice. I'll be smoking another couple bowls before putting it in the pay it forward box.
More dottle than usual at the bottom of the bowl. Gave up on relighting after a couple stale/rank puffs.


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1792 flake in the little unfinished cob thing.
Fold and stuff half a flake, fluffing up the top.
Would not light worth crap. Charred it a bunch. Eventually got it going.
Not a whole lot of flavor, pretty mellow. There's something I can't put my finger on. Pleasant taste, painless snork. Long smoke considering the size of the cob.
By the second half a baseball sized rock has settled in my lower esophagus and my vision is slightly blurry. Still tastes great. Need a flight or two.
Good ash, dottle tasted fine but I was buzzzzzzzzing and was all set for session

I suck at flakes and we'll need to practice them more.

Impressions: Holy mother of nicotine...
What's that flavor?
Where do I get more?
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