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Would a pipe maker do custom work on a decent production pipe?

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I have a Peterson Mycroft that I'm sentimentally attached to. I'm keeping it. I'd like to smoke it much more. To make that happen, I'd like to see if it is feasible to arc the mouthpiece down maybe 5, at most 10 degrees. I guess this is typical enough work.

I'd also like to change the bowl shape from Dublin to a gentle billiard. If the height had to be reduced from 1 5/8" down to 1 1/2" or so, that would be fine.

Of course the pipe would need refinishing and polishing.

It would be easier to sell it - it's maybe 15 years old but has seen little use - and buy a different pipe. But I'm attached to it, and I'm not going to sell it.

Thanks for any advice.
As far as the stem goes, u can probably do it urself. Heat gun cold water and put a pipe cleaner in the stem first. Heat the stem all the way around where u want to bent it. Bend the stem and hold it in cold water. Pipe cleaner is so u don't pinch the smoke hole closer. Probably find utube videos on it.

Changing the shape of the bowl would be alot more time consuming.


NO guarantee if you change the shape of the pipe - you could hit a huge flaw JUST below the current surface and wind up throwing it out.

If it means that much to you, put the pipe in a rack and keep it. Then go buy the pipe you want to smoke.
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