You favorite B&M blend?

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Here's something I mixed today and it's pretty great ..
I took about 50% Mac Baren Black Ambrosia and 50% Sutliff Buttered Rum ..
.. and I been smoking it all day in my Brebbia Stand Up 2801 Tomato Sandblast.

(Please excuse the fact that the tobacco pictures are a little blurry, but you can basically see the separate piles and then the mix).

Slow Tri

Is it Friday yet?
Tashkent, Thanksgiving Day.
I agree with @ChristTiger another Thanksgiving Day Mixture fan here as well.

Merriwether from The Country Squire. Dr Bradley from IRC.

Also a local shop here has one called Blackbeard’s treasure that is pretty tasty. Most likely a mix up of Lane blends but I like it.

All of them bought in person at one time or another.
Sadly I only been to one called Club Humidor. They have like 4 or 5 locations but all are too far ( I don't drive). The one location near The Alamo has mostly Cavendish blends. At one time they had one they named San Antonio Rose. I always believed that was one they mix themselves.Recently was told that it may have been just Lane HGL renamed. I only answered this question due to the fact of me believing it was one of their store made. They also have one named Texas Balkan that I like.
McCranie's in Charlotte had a few they blended in-house that I'm pretty sure were made up of McClelland components. The two standouts I've had were Hellsgate, an English aromatic, and My Reserve, which seemed to be a blend of McC 5100 with some stoved VA ribbon.
Hiland's Tobacco in Huntington Beach has a blend called "Caribbean." It is a mildly aromatic VaBur blend. I'm usually not a big fan of aro's but for some reason, I really dig this stuff. My car likes it as well; it leaves behind a rather pleasant scent. I always seem to spill a little while packing.
I didn't know that there was even a tobacconist in HB lol. I'll have to check it out one day


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There was a tobacconist in Vancouver I'd frequent called RJ Clarke's. He used to blend a few of his own tobaccos. He had a nice, light aro which had an apple/pastry flavouring to it. I just loved the stuff. I could never get any info out of the owner, but through some research, I found that a 50/50 mix of McClelland's Fresh Apple and Pastry blends came damn close to what he sold. Sadly his shop is now closed and I never realized until this moment that with McClelland closing as well, Fresh Apple and Pastry are also lost to time. I've got around 3.5oz left of each, but was focused more on McC's main blends and gave zero thought to some of their bulk aro blends. They really had some good ones.