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I am interested in hearing how you spend your day.

What is your first smoke?
What is your last smoke?

Do you smoke the same tobacco all day, or do you mix it up?


I also smoke mainly in the evening. Sometimes one or two bowls, depending on what I feel like at that particular moment. Usually not the same blend, though. I'll mix it up if I smoke more than one bowl.


My day is so varied and I'm an omnivorous consumer of tobacco that each day may be totally different. When I want a (shudder) cig it's an all natural, additive free RYO using hand injector and filtered tubes. Or a cigar, perhaps an Artuero Fuente robustos. Or a pipe, maybe a Balkan or PA. And when working in the yard, perhaps a chew of home grown tobacco. Yeah, I love tobacco. :puff:
i have between 2-4 bowls a day i start my day of with petersons irish whiskey, and may even have that for my second as well, maybe some arcadian perique on occasion and at night i usually smoke a bowl or rich's old perth, typically out of my churchwarden. as i try more tobaccos and expand my collection of pipes that all may change.


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I've always got through two ozs of pipe tobacco a week. I rarely sit and smoke through an entire bowl, unless I'm testing tobacco, in one go.

I usually load the first pipe of the day before I get up in the morning while I'm drinking my first pot of tea and nip outside for a smoke ( my wife has asthma so I don't smoke in the house ) and that pipe lasts me til lunchtime smoked off and on. Reload after lunch does me til dinner time and reload after dinner doe me til bedtime. At bedtime I load a half bowl and smoke it through.

Real creature of habit me - that's been my routine for as long as I can remember

Best to all



ocipio said:
I am interested in hearing how you spend your day.

What is your first smoke?
What is your last smoke?

Do you smoke the same tobacco all day, or do you mix it up?
How about telling us how you spend your day? :puff:


Start the day with a pipe & pot coffee or tea, reading the forums. Smoke a second bowl after lunch, a third after dinner and every now and then, I'll smoke one late in the evening.

I rarely have more than one tin open at a time, usually GLPease Westminster. Smoking the last bowl from a tin GLP Odyssey I opened Monday right now, this afternoon it?ll be back to GLP ? WM for the next 2 or 3 weeks.


i usually will have 4-6 bowls a day. if i acquire a new very tasty blend, i probably will have up to 8 bowls.

first bowl is on the way to work, usually something mild while listening to classical.

second bowl is around 9am, always english

third bowl is after lunch, just whatever im in the mood for

fourth bowl is on the way home from work, again with classical

fifth bowl is after dinner. again always english

6-8 depends if there is a hockey game i want to watch.

in between ill smoke ryo danish,balkan or perique blends.

i used to smoke a couple of cigars a day, but now that im on the pipe, im down to a couple a week. i just love the pipe so much better.
along with Wydeboi, i am an omnivorous consumer of tobacco also.


All of my smokes are outside while the dogs are out. Depending on if it is cold (below 20 degrees) or windy depends on how long I am out, or if I even smoke.

I usually smoke 2 or 3 bowls per day, typically 2 of the same, 1 different. As of late, I am smoking Captain Black in the morning and perhaps afternoon (getting rid of this pouch), and a Virginia in the evening (Rattray Hal O Wynd or SG FVF).

I am waiting on my new order.

McClellend Blackwoods Flake
WO Larsen Signature Mixture
Boswell Berry Cobbler
Boswell Pennsylvania Dutch
Boswell Christmas Cookie

Nothing beats a windless, somewhat warm (30 degrees) night.

I long for Spring though.

I am excited for them all. I have never had any, but reviews look good.


my daily routine:

breakfast for stomach lining
panadol forte x2
mobic x1
lexapro x1
tramadol x1
oxynorm x1 (if the pain is particularly bad)

1 bowl of Mac B scottish mixture
1 LARGE cup of Nestle Gold Strong with lots of sugar
1 movie while drugs do their thing
repeat coffee + scottish mixture process while reading a good book for about an hour to let the drugs ease out

1 episode of top gear
1 hour of world of warcraft
research and learing time:
- learng dutch, german + french
- read about WWI, WWII or napoleanics
- read about age of discovery
- read about atomic age + cold war
- research pipes i would like
- research on cars (subaru, honda, audi, toyota) write hypothetical modification lists
- youtube time on tobacco reviews and cars

lunch break

tidy house + dishes
any external duties - like shopping etc

a bowl of petersons sunset breeze in the afternoon with a cup of lipton black tea

dinner / shower / etc
second round of panadol forte + 4 cups of Lipton Vanilla Green Tea or Porters Green Tea and than a bowl of club blend if i can sneak out

1 movie or tv show
half hour of reading


*when i say bowl ... usually only a full bowl of Scottish Mixture for morning / mid day ... all others would be half filled - i dont have time to sit for a full one
Up@ 330am, shower, dress, pot of coffee, maybe some cereal. I pack a bowl of Frog Morton in my smallest bent pipe, and head to work to load my milk truck. This usually takes 15-30 mins, and is a rather intense workout, since it is all done with a drag hook by hand. Sometimes upwards of 350 cases, dragging 6 at a time. Around 445, I'm ready to roll out towards my first stop, 35-40 mins away, and I light the bowl of FM, and prepare for the day.
Around 830am, I'm done delivering to all the schools in this particular county, and its another 35 minute drive to the next set of schools/county, so I pack up the straight Savinelli with some virginia, and head off down the road. Sometimes I eat a lunch before I smoke.
Then, depending on the day, or what time I get off, I'll have 1-3 bowls in the evening, all before 8pm, usually depending on how tired I am, or if I have any new pipes or tobaccos to try out.
The weekends I usually have a bowl when I wake up, almost always the Frog, sometimes a virginia. Then no more until the evening, and then almost always with a scotch. I swear, there may be no two substances on earth more suited to be together than pipe and scotch. I love it!
I usually enjoy a pipe after work. Depends on what I'm feeling. Sometimes Carter Hall or Prince Albert. Lately it's been CB White.

I'll fire up my car, then my pipe, and just wind down before driving home.


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I pretty much smoke all day. Up in the AM with something mild with coffee, like PA or EMP. Smoke burley much of the day. In the late evening, finish off with a Lakeland tobacco, like Brown Bogie or 1792.


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I open up pipesmokersforum first thing in the morning, then during the day on my Palm Treo, then last thing at night before going to bed.... 'nuff said! :puff:
Start of the day - WOL Old Fashioned
After work - WOL Old Fashioned

Before evening meal -WOL Signature

After evening meal - Mac B - Cube

In between, when I am just in the mood for something different - Mac B - Danish mixture.
I usually only smoke in the afternoon/evening on weekdays: One bowl of Peterson Luxury Blend, Marlin Flake or University Flake while having my evening after dinner coffee. I don't finish the bowl in one sitting so it pretty much lasts me the whole evening. I am allowed smoking one bowl inside/day and my wife likes the smell of the Luxury Blend so it is usually that.

On weekends I have 2 bowls: Starting the day with Irish Flake (for the nicotine punch) or University Flake and in the evening as above.
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