Zippo has one of the best product guarantees of any product I've ever purchased. What some might not realize is that Zippo will give you a brand new pipe insert for your lighter if you send it in and ask for one. They will also return your old insert.

Zippo repair address
For the people in the UK if you call the number on the Zippo UK site they will send you an insert for your zippo for around £4.


They take a fair amount, if you over-fill it it won't matter, just don't set yourself on fire. Mop it up and off you go.

Although saying that people have reported chem burns from having an over filled zippo in their trouser pocket. I've never experienced anything like that though.

After a while you get a feel for how much to put in.


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For us newbies, what's a Zippo pipe insert?

I'm familiar with Zippo lighters, but not familiar with what this is...


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BradNTX said:
For us newbies, what's a Zippo pipe insert?

I'm familiar with Zippo lighters, but not familiar with what this is...
Everything but the outer case. If you haven't seen a Zippo pipe lighter, the chimney you are probably familiar with on a standard cigarrette lighter is different, in that it has one large hole on either side, so that you can hold it sideways and draw the flame down into your pipe. It also has a little clip-on cap on top of the chimney, which I assume keeps flame from coming out in the traditional direction. It pops off so that you can service the wick, which in my experience you have to do frequently, as the wick seems to char very quickly, losing it's ability to efficiently move fuel to where it needs to be.


I'm definitely a Zippo man now. I bought a couple a while back to have a pipe lighter insert and a regular insert (for cigars and such) and I'm not going back. It's easy to fill, the fluid lasts a long time for me (about a week or so), and works even on the porch when it gets a little windy. And I haven't charred any rims this way.

If you follow the instructions on the zippo fuel container, it says to do what qwik says: fill slowly, and when you see wetness, you're done. I've never overfilled this way.


How much fuel should i load into the zippo?
Filling your Zippo is like packing your pipe. You know when you got it right and you know when you didn't. Eventually somewhere along the way you figure it out by doing.

You know you've overfilled your zippo when:

- You put it in your pocket ... And get that 'burning' sensation.
- You lean in to light your pipe and lose an eyebrow
- Opening the lid and striking the flint initially results in a small fireball prior to flame
- And my personal favorite ... the times the flame 'extends' to burning all the way to the lid

- Andrew


Is the stuff inside the zippo just regular cotton? Got an old one thats had loads of various fuels in it and it smells quite bad. Thinking this is not the best idea to light a pipe with.. The idea was to clean off the metal and replace the cotton-looking stuff inside. Could i just stuff some natural cotton in there?